How to know if you can get an industrial piercing, industrial bar piercing, industrial piercing jewelry, process, infection

Industrial piercings are becoming more popular, with 12% of men and 72% of women having some form of body piercing. The adoption of body piercings has increased, which means that it’s more important than ever that you make the right decision about your industrial piercing. 

How to know if you can get an industrial piercing

While most people are compatible with an industrial bar piercing, it’s not for everyone. To get a better idea, you should look at the shape and features of your ear. If you don’t have a prominent ridge on the upper part of your ear, industrial piercing jewelry might not be the best option for you. Industrial piercings can also be problematic when you have smaller ears.

How to know if you can get an industrial piercing, industrial bar piercing, industrial piercing jewelry, process, infection

Top 4 Things to Know About Industrial Piercings

If the structure of your ear is appropriate to adequately support your industrial piercing, you should be ready to move forward with the process. Be sure to talk through the process with the piercer to make sure you understand what to expect.

Here are the top four things you should know when planning on getting an industrial piercing:

#1: Pain

An industrial piercing is going to hurt, given the placement of the piercing. However, if you have a high pain tolerance you may not feel much discomfort at all. You may also find sleeping to be particularly painful.

#2: Sickness

It’s usually a good idea to avoid industrial piercings when you’re not feeling well. The process will be much more uncomfortable when you’re sick, and it also means you’re more likely to develop an infection or other potential side effects.

#3: Aftercare Instructions

While you may or may not experience pain and bleeding, you must follow the aftercare instructions to avoid infection and expedite the healing process. You shouldn’t touch your piercing in the first few weeks, and always wash your hands before cleaning your industrial piercing.

#4: Healing Takes Time

You just can’t expect the industrial piercing to heal overnight. Be patient with the process. If you keep on top of the cleaning and care process, you should be able to expedite the healing time while also minimizing pain and discomfort. You should take into consideration how your healing has gone with cartilage in the past as well.

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