5 Tips for Making Your Tattoo Shop More Appealing to Consumers

When you own a tattoo and piercing shop, your profitability depends on bringing in as many paying customers as possible. In order to bring in more consumers, you need to make your tattoo shop as appealing to potential customers as possible. Below are five tips to help you increase the appeal of your tattoo shop and improve its success.

Clean and renovate the shop.

Clean, updated tattoo parlors are much more appealing to consumers than shops with old equipment and dirty floors. To make your tattoo shop more inviting, take the time to clean the shop thoroughly and keep it clean. If you are currently working with outdated equipment, make the necessary upgrades. You should also repair any problems with the structure or decor in your shop.

5 Tips for Making Your Tattoo Shop More Appealing to Consumers

Have your work on display for all to see.

One of the best ways to pull more customers into your tattoo shop is to show them your best work. When potential customers see that your tattoo shop has produced good work in the past, they are more likely to make an appointment. Put examples of your work on display in as many locations as possible to attract more people to your tattoo parlor. Display your work outside your shop, in printed advertisements and online.

Hire good quality tattoo artists.

Tattoo shops are only as good as the artists who work in them and the work they produce. To ensure that customers are drawn to your establishment, make sure every tattoo artist you hire is well trained and capable of producing excellent work. When your tattoo artists produce good quality work, your customers will also be more likely to recommend your shop’s services to their friends and family.

5 Tips for Making Your Tattoo Shop More Appealing to Consumers

Promote your tattoo business.

Another excellent way to make your tattoo parlor more appealing to customers is to promote your services in as many locations as possible. You can promote your tattoo business on billboards, in print media and by word of mouth. You can also greatly increase the success of your business by building a strong online presence, as many consumers now search for services online. Develop a solid website that customers can use to gain information about your business, view examples of your past work and even make appointments for services. For the best results, you should be active on all of the most popular social media websites as well, including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest.

Secure the appropriate insurance coverage.

No customer wants to come to a tattoo parlor that is not covered by insurance. Insurance protects your tattoo shop from a variety of losses related to liability and equipment failures, and it provides your customers with peace of mind. Tattoo shops require a range of different insurance products to cover their businesses completely. Thus, it is important for owners of tattoo shops to talk to an insurance expert who can help them choose the right insurance policies for their needs.

Key Takeaways

  • Every tattoo parlor relies on a steady flow of customers to ensure profitability.
  • You can bring in a larger number of customers and increase the profitability of your tattoo shops by taking steps to make the establishment more appealing.
  • Steps you can take to improve the appeal of your tattoo shop include cleaning and renovating the shop, putting your work on display, hiring good quality artists, promoting your business and securing the appropriate insurance coverage.

To learn more about the insurance coverage you need for your tattoo shop and/or to review your current coverage, please contact Marine Agency today.

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