When you have clients that are interested in medical spa treatments, nothing is worse than having them sit in rooms that are cold, sterile and impersonal. The idea behind the popular MediSpa service is to combine a soothing and relaxing setting that allows clients to schedule their favorite spa services alongside minimally invasive cosmetic procedures. If you don’t know how to make your clients feel comfortable and welcome, chances are they will seek services elsewhere. Luckily, switching up the atmosphere at your MediSpa can be easily achieved with a few easy steps. Before you know it, your business will be booming and you’ll get positive feedback from both your clients and your employees.

5 Easy Ways to Make Your MediSpa Feel Like a Relaxing Oasis


Adjust the Lighting

Bright, white or blue lights are very unflattering and can prevent your clients from properly relaxing when they enter your office. Instead of using fluorescent ceiling lights, try utilizing lamps and track lighting to bring things down to a more palatable level. The lower lighting will help to set a calming tone for clients and will add to the overall relaxing ambiance of your MediSpa. This simple lighting trick is a great way to assure your clients that you know they are only there for a few hours and that you want them to enjoy the few calming hours they have each time they visit.

relaxing spa oasis

Choose a Calming Palette

Stark, white walls can remind your clients of a visit to the hospital or a doctor’s office and it may not set the right mood for your MediSpa. Instead of going with the basic whites, try using colors such as cool blues, soft greens and pale yellows to create a calming feel throughout your office and waiting rooms. If you have a smaller MediSpa and want to maximize your space, neutral tones like tans and taupes work well in small spaces.

Ensure Client Privacy

Help to ensure your client’s privacy by making sure your MediSpa looks no different on the outside or in the waiting room than a regular day spa. By keeping each room private with changing areas and sanitary items you are creating the same private and personal atmosphere as a day spa. Your MediSpa offers unique treatments that means each client will have unique and specific needs for their visit that should be met. Privacy is an important aspect in any spa-like atmosphere, your MediSpa shouldn’t be any different.

woman getting medispa treatment

The Best Staff

When you take the time to hire the best medical director, doctors, technicians and administrative staff your clients will be able to instantly feel the difference. Additionally, when your staff is able to answer questions accurately, explain different treatment options and perform each treatment to the best of their ability, you are much more likely to have happy customers that will want to come back.

Total Insurance Protection

Since your MediSpa looks and is in many ways like a regular day spa, clients will tend to underestimate the risks that are involved in the medical treatments that you offer. Even with plenty of research and expert consultations, they may not understand that the treatments you have available may not “fix” their cosmetic issues. Whether you have unhappy clients or a staff member is accused of malpractice, investing in proper liability coverage is extremely important for you MediSpa.

woman getting massage

A Safe and Relaxing Atmosphere for Everyone

Turn your MediSpa from bland to luxurious and comfortable by performing a few simple DIY fixes and taking some time to invest in the best staff and insurance protection possible.
No one wants to be caught without the right staff or the right level of protection when they need it the most. Help make your MediSpa a safe, relaxing and welcoming space for your clients and your staff with a comprehensive insurance policy. For more information on our laser and MediSpa insurance policies or any additional coverage options, be sure to visit the team at Marine Agency Insurance online today.

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