Attention Florida boat and yacht owners: Marine Agency has the insurance coverage you need to operate your water vessel in full confidence throughout the entirety of Florida and surrounding bodies of water. Whether you enjoy fishing in the Atlantic Ocean, sightseeing in the Gulf of Mexico, or soaking up the sun at one of the Sunshine State’s many lakes, you need the right insurance to do so with peace of mind.

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Types of Insurance

Some Florida boat and yacht owners are surprised to learn that medical payments coverage is available for local water-lovers. This coverage covers the cost of certain medical bills after no-fault accidents and paying for the medical treatment necessary resulting from minor injuries.

Next, our hull insurance policy is available to cover the cost of your boat’s physical damage. The exception to this coverage is the failure to maintain the vessel and wear/tear as time progresses. This coverage extends to the boat’s accessories, boat motors, equipment used for boating, and the trailer used to transport the boat to the water.

Marine Agency’s liability insurance policy is similar to that provided to drivers. If your boating expedition causes damage to another person’s boat or property, our liability insurance overage will apply to cover the cost of damages. We even provide uninsured boater insurance to offset the costs stemming from collisions with these boaters.


  • You can easily insure your boat, yacht, or other water vessels through Marine Agency’s affordable insurance coverage.
  • Insure your boat today and you won’t lose any sleep worrying about a potential accident that jeopardizes your hard-earned financial nest egg.
  • Floridians who own boats, yachts, jet skis, and other water vessels need insurance coverage even if their boat is old or worth significantly less than when originally purchased.

How to Insure Your Boat or Yacht in Insurance

The boat and yacht insurance Floridians need to hit the water without worry of financial loss is a call away. Reach out to Marine Agency today at 800-763-4775 for more information about our boat and yacht insurance protection.

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