It is a mistake to take your boat or yacht out on the South Carolina waters without the right insurance in place. Marine Agency is here to provide you with the insurance you need opens in a new window for your boat, yacht, or other personal watercraft. Choose Marine for your insurance coverage and you’ll venture out onto the water without even the slightest worry of potential financial ruin in the event of an accident or other unfortunate event. Whether you plan on waiting until May to take to the water or have plans for a wintertime boating adventure, we’ve got the insurance you need.

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Types of Insurance

Boat and yacht insurance provides you and your loved ones with truly invaluable peace of mind. Marine Agency’s insurance ensures you do not have to pay for damage to your boat or that to other boats, even if they are uninsured. Our hull insurance includes everything from the boat’s motor to the trailer, equipment, and accessories. If there is windstorm damage or fire damage to your boat, yacht, or other vessels, the hull insurance coverage will kick in to cover the bill. However, failure to maintain the vessel and ongoing wear and tear is not covered.

We also provide medical payment insurance coverage applicable to medical bills. However, this coverage is limited to small medical bills for minor injuries resulting from activity on the water. As long as your yacht is not used as a component of overarching charter business, it will qualify for our yacht insurance.


  • Boating and yachting in South Carolina are that much safer and worry-free with the right insurance.
  • Secure your boat or yacht insurance today, and you’ll take to the water with invaluable peace of mind.
  • Marine Agency has the right boat and yacht insurance to fit your water vessel’s needs.

Contact Marine Agency for Your Insurance Needs

We are proud to extend insurance coverage to all boat and yacht owners throughout the entirety of South Carolina. Reach out to us today at 800-763-4775 to get a boat and yacht insurance quote.

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