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Purchasing tattoo parlor insurance in Georgia could go a long way towards protecting you against losses from liability claims. A customer could take issue with the way you designed their eyebrows, or complain about contracting some type of infection from your equipment. These are just some of the risks you face as a cosmetic tattoo parlor owner in Georgia.

Insurance Coverage to Consider

Claims from customers are not the only risks about which you must worry. Your employees could be accused of harassment or abuse against a client. A fire could sweep through your shop and destroy all your equipment. Would you be able to afford to replace everything without insurance in place?

General liability insurance can protect you from losses due to liability claims from customers. You may also want to take out more specialized insurance that covers you in case of a fire, water damage, or other losses outside of your control. Marine Insurance Agency provides package options to choose from if you are ready to purchase cosmetic tattoo insurance in Georgia.

Each policy has its own provisions and limitations. Marine Agency Insurance representatives take the time to go over all your options. You will gain a thorough understanding of the coverage our policies provide, and we can make sure you have the coverage needed to meet any Georgia state guidelines.


  • Risks to your cosmetic tattoo parlor can come in many forms
  • Make sure you protect yourself against events like fire or other property damage
  • Look into the details of any policy packages to ensure you have coverage meeting any state requirements

Find out more about our cosmetic tattoo insurance in Georgia by calling (800)763-4775. You can also get a quote by filling out our online form.

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