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Providing cosmetic tattoo services in Ohio opens in a new window brings certain liability risks. A customer could be unhappy with the outcome of your work. They may also accuse you of causing them to contract an infection or other diseases due to improperly maintained equipment. It is up to you as a business owner to protect yourself against these types of claims.

Types of Insurance Coverage

There are a variety of products available to you depending on the circumstances you might face. Let’s go over a few policies you might want to consider taking out for your cosmetic tattoo shop. Be aware of any state laws currently on the books covering minimum insurance requirements for business owners.

General Liability Insurance

Taking out general liability insurance could protect you in case a claim is brought against you by a customer for services provided in your business. Having cosmetic tattoo insurance coverage in Ohio keeps you from being bankrupted by judgments made against your shop.

Fire, Theft, or Other Property Insurance

We can’t foresee every potential event that could affect the operation of our business. Taking out fire, theft, or property insurance can help you recoup losses that might otherwise bankrupt you. Make sure you understand all terms and conditions for any policy you take out for your business.

Worker’s Compensation

Most states require a business to provide some form of worker’s compensation opens in a new window in case employees end up getting injured on the job. Make sure you are in compliance with Ohio state laws for your employees.


  • You should protect your cosmetic tattoo business by looking into coverages for different situations
  • Look for details within each policy to confirm what coverage you will receive
  • Make sure you comply with any Ohio laws requiring you to provide worker’s compensation insurance

Find out more about various liability insurance packages for cosmetic tattoo parlors in Ohio by contacting Marine Insurance Agency at (800)763-4775. You can also fill out our online form for a quote.

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