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Performing the type of delicate skin work required when providing cosmetic tattoo services in Pennsylvania can bring on additional liability for your business. While you may have done your homework when it comes to getting your business licensed opens in a new window, have you honestly thought through the type of insurance coverage opens in a new window you might require to protect yourself — not to mention any employees who may be working for your shop?

What Other Kinds of Insurance Should You Consider?

While there are currently no laws outlining requirements for cosmetic tattoo insurance in Pennsylvania opens in a new window, it is always good to keep your business protected opens in a new window in case of an incident. The type of delicate skin work involved in performing these types of services could open you up to additional liability. Any work requiring you to pierce the skin could bring the risk of infection or transmission of disease.

General Liability

You might want to consider having general liability insurance in place for these types of incidents. Having this type of coverage in place also protects you if a customer makes an injury claim against your shop due to a fall or other accident. Not having insurance could leave you vulnerable to financial ruin if they end up obtaining a substantial judgment against your business.

Worker’s Compensation

Your customers are not the only ones who could find you liable for an incident. It pays to learn more about the state of Pennsylvania’s requirements when it comes to worker’s compensation for injured employees. There may also be other types of coverage the state might require you to provide to your employees.

Property Insurance

It may also be a good idea to look into property insurance for your business. Many policies protect you against theft, acts of abuse by your employees, or other property damage. Make sure you understand the terms of any policy you sign and the actual coverage provided depending on the type of incident.


  • Understand what coverage you may be required to have as a business owner in PA
  • Find out what the requirements are for worker’s compensation coverage
  • Learn about how property insurance works and coverage provided for damages to your business

Marine Agency Insurance offers a variety of insurance packages for cosmetic tattoo parlors in Pennsylvania. Contact us today to learn more about the type of coverage that is best for your needs as a business owner in PA.

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