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Tattoo services can bring extra liability compared to many other beauty treatments. Tattoos and microblading involve skin penetration, which opens up the risk of disease transmission and localized infection. On top of that, a customer can’t just wash off or easily redo a design he or she doesn’t like. All of these things increase the risk of lawsuits and other problems.

Cosmetic tattoo insurance coverage opens in a new window in California protects both you and your customers from the financial costs of any mishaps that occur as well as charges related to customer dissatisfaction. This lets you run your business without the worry that comes with being uninsured. It also lets you make sure that you are complying with applicable local and state laws opens in a new window regarding coverage.

Should You Get Other Kinds of Insurance, Too?

Of course, tattoo shop insurance in California doesn’t stop with covering professional liability. If you choose a complete insurance package, you’ll also get all of the other types of coverage that every business needs, such as general liability, theft, fire, and related protections. General liability is the type of insurance that protects you from injury claims from things like slip-and-fall accidents, customers getting a hand caught in the door, and things like that. We also offer worker’s compensation insurance, which you need if you have any employees.


  • Tattooing and microblading bring extra risks since skin is penetrated
  • The permanence of tattoos makes it costly to correct mistakes
  • Professional liability insurance protects you from costs related to the performance of your craft
  • We also offer a full suite of general business insurance policies to meet the rest of your needs

For tattoo parlor insurance in California, just contact us here at Marine Agency Insurance. We also offer microblading insurance in California, so this service is easy to get covered as well.

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