Salon Insurance in California

Owning a day spa and salon in the state of California exposes you to a variety of risks, from claims related to on-site injuries to burglary. In order to protect against these risks, salon owners need to invest in CA Day Spa Insurance.

Types of CA Salon Insurance

Depending on the specifics of your day spa or salon’s operations, you may need a variety of different types of insurance coverage. Some possibilities include:

  • General liability – General liability policies protect your company when a client claims that they have sustained an injury or another type of loss while in your establishment or while using your products.
  • Professional liability – In some cases, clients may claim that your employees or independent contractors working for your company have been negligent or have made mistakes that led to damages. Professional liability insurance protects you in these cases.
  • Property coverage – If you own the building where your salon operates, property coverage will protect your investment. This type of coverage also applies to the building’s contents.
  • Abusive acts – Abusive acts coverage protects your business when claims related to molestation or abuse are made.
  • Workers’ compensation insurance – If you have employees, workers’ compensation insurance will protect you from claims related to employee injury or illness.

Other types of insurance may also be beneficial, depending on your specific needs.

Key Takeaways

  • Salons and day spas in California need adequate insurance coverage.
  • Some of the types of coverage that may be necessary include general liability, professional liability, property coverage, abusive acts and workers’ compensation insurance.
  • Be sure to compare your options carefully to make the best choice.

Purchasing Day Spa and Salon Insurance in California

Marine Agency is proud to offer a range of insurance coverage options to salons and day spas. Please contact us today to discuss a customized salon and day spa insurance program in CA.

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