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The focus of a day spa or salon may be beauty and relaxation, but keeping it running well requires the presence of some things that are invisible to customers. One category of these things is small business insurance. From state-mandated workers’ compensation to the fairly new abusive acts policies, this coverage protects you  — and those who suffer damages — from enduring financial ruin. Here are some of the spa business insurance policies you should make sure to have as part of a good day spa insurance program opens in a new window in GA:

Property insurance – If you own your building, protect it and its contents from the financial effects of disasters and theft with this form of coverage.

General liability insurance – This type of coverage protects against expenses related to people having accidents on or in your premises. Slips-and-falls, burns from hair styling implements, and other such events are good examples of what is covered opens in a new window.

Professional liability insurance – If someone is harmed by you or your employees during the performance of professional duties, this coverage picks up the bill. “Harm” in this case isn’t limited to physical injury; if a customer gets hair dye on her dress, the cost of the dress is also covered.

Workers’ compensation coverage – This policy pays out when someone suffers a work-related injury. In Georgia, you must carry it if you have three or more opens in a new window employees.

These are just some of the salon business insurance policies that you should have. Depending on your location, clientele, and the specific nature of your establishment, you may want more-specialized insurance as well.

Spa Insurance Coverage Recap

  • You must have workers’ compensation coverage if you have three or more workers.
  • Liability policies are important forms of salon insurance for salon owners in GA.
  • Other policies may be needed to round out coverage and meet all of your needs.

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