Day Spa Insurance In IL

Insurance coverage isn’t just for your car and house. Your business needs it too, and you should have several types of policies to make sure that you aren’t exposed to sudden, unpredictable losses. Here are some of the top policies that should be a part of a day spa insurance program in IL. These are also great for hair salons and other specialized businesses that provide similar services in Illinois.

Workers’ Compensation – If you have employees, you need to cover them opens in a new window with workers’ compensation insurance. It pays out when people suffer work-related injuries.

Professional liability – Whenever a professional provides a service, there is the possibility of mistakes and mishaps. This coverage protects you from the cost of these random events.

General liability – This protects against claims for general mishaps opens in a new window such as slip-and-fall injuries that occur on or in your property.

Property insurance – For building owners, property coverage is an essential form of salon insurance for salon owners in IL. It covers theft, fire, robbery, and the like.

Abuse insurance – If you or one of your employees is accused of an abusive act, this unique policy type protects against any resulting damages.


  • Workers’ compensation insurance is mandatory if you have any employees in IL.
  • There are two forms of liability insurance commonly available: Professional and general. Get both for maximum protection against this form of risk.
  • Abuse insurance protects you in the event that you or one of your employees is accused of an abusive act that results in financial liability.

To learn more about day spa insurance in IL, or get hair salon insurance quotes in IL, just contact us here at Marine Agency Insurance. We’ll be glad to put together a package of policies that takes care of all of your needs.

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