Electrology is a practice that covers all forms of electrical hair removal, the most prominent of which is electrolysis. Generally, it involves inserting a probe into targeted hair follicles and then using current to damage their hair-producing parts. As you might imagine, this opens the door to liability. Therefore, it’s important to have a full suite of electrology insurance for hair removal in CA. Insurance will protect you from catastrophic expenses that could otherwise kill your business.

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Which Types of Insurance Should You Have?

Professional liability opens in a new window coverage is the main thing you’re likely looking for when you get electrology insurance in CA. This protects you from the financial costs of damage you or your employees cause to any customers while you perform your duties as an electrologist. If you have an electrology business in CA, you should also be sure that you get general business insurance, which protects you from liability arising from things like slip-and-fall accidents. This coverage also takes care of the expenses arising from fire, theft, and other such things.

Even if you run your shop all by yourself, you need self employed electrology insurance in CA to protect yourself from liability, disasters, thefts, and other such issues. Any one of these can cost you enough money to put you out of business if you aren’t covered.

  • Professional liability insurance covers damages arising from the performance of your duties.
  • General business insurance takes care of the costs of random accidents, fire, theft, and similar risks.
  • Even if you’re self-employed, you need coverage to prevent catastrophic expenses.
  • If you hire employees, remember to add workers’ compensation insurance.

To get the insurance you need for your electrology operations, just contact us here at Marine Agency Insurance. We’ll be glad to help you put together the perfect coverage package so you can do business with peace of mind.

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