North Carolina is the 9th most populous state in the United States, and most of those people are potential hair removal customers. Therefore, if you run a beauty salon or spa, it makes sense to add electrolysis and similar services to your menu of possibilities. All you need is the equipment, a trained technician, and electrology insurance in NC.

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What is Electrology Insurance?

Electrology insurance for hair removal in NC is part of a specialized business insurance policy offered by Marine Agency Insurance. It protects you from professional liability opens in a new window, which arises if you or one of your employees makes a mistake or otherwise causes injury to a customer during the performance of the service.

A good package of insurance for your electrology business in NC will also provide general business liability coverage. General coverage protects against damages and injuries resulting from things like slip-and-fall accidents, people closing your door on their hands, and things like that.

A good business insurance plan will also provide protection against the costs of disasters like fires, theft, and certain other damages to your building and its contents. Finally, if you have employees, you may need to add workers’ compensation insurance. If you’re on your own, though, self employed electrology insurance in NC will take that into account.

  • Electrology insurance will cover you for liability arising from the performance of electrical hair removal services
  • The rest of the package should cover general liability, building damage, and theft
  • If you have employees, be sure to add workers’ compensation coverage to your package

Marine Agency Insurance provides specialized coverage for spas, beauty salons, and similar businesses. The company has been established for decades and operates in nearly every state. To learn what Marine Agency can do for you and your establishment, call us and talk to one of our agents today.

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