Permanent hair removal opens in a new window is a perennially popular service, and adding this service to your offerings is often a can’t-miss proposition. However, it is important to be fully prepared before you add it to your menu. This preparation doesn’t stop with getting the equipment and learning how to use it. You also need to get a good package of electrology insurance for hair removal in TX. This coverage will ensure that you don’t end up with catastrophic expenses to pay out of pocket.

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Covering Your Hair Removal Business

Proper business insurance isn’t a single policy, but a package that protects you from a variety of sources of potentially-catastrophic expenses opens in a new window. Electrology insurance in TX starts with professional liability coverage, which protects you if a customer claims that you have caused damage to him or her through the delivery of your services. General business/liability insurance covers other sources of unexpected costs, such as charges arising from accidents like slips-and-falls, fires, thefts, people accidentally driving their trucks through your front wall, and things like that.

If you hire employees, insurance for your electrology business in TX will need to include workers’ compensation. This is the coverage that kicks in if an employee is hurt on the job or due to the performance of his or her duties. Injuries that are covered include repetitive stress problems like carpal tunnel syndrome as well as sudden accidents.

  • Professional liability insurance covers you if you are sued for damages arising from the performance of your duties.
  • General business insurance protects against a wide range of other sources of catastrophic expenses. You should have it even if you’re a one-person operation, so it is recommended for packages of self employed electrology insurance in TX as well as those aimed at large operations.
  • Workers’ compensation insurance is required if you hire more than a few employees in TX.

To get the insurance you need for your business, contact us here at Marine Agency Insurance. We’ll work with you to create the perfect coverage package.

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