If you’ve decided to go into the hair removal business, or add electrolysis to your existing beauty-related operation, one of the first things you need to do is make sure that you have the appropriate liability coverage. Like many other things, hair removal – especially of types that use electricity to do the job – has a potential for causing injury or otherwise opening you up to liability opens in a new window. Electrology insurance for hair removal in VA protects you from the costs that may result.

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What Coverage Should You Have?

A package that includes electrology insurance in VA doesn’t stop with protecting you from professional liability. It should also cover you against the typical hazards involved in running a business that’s open to the public, such as general liability, hazards like fire and theft, and workers’ compensation opens in a new window. A full package like this will help ensure that you aren’t put out of business by surprise events.

General liability insurance steps in if someone is injured by a slip-and-fall accident, faulty structural element, and other such things. Hazard insurance, on the other hand, protects from the costs of incidents like fires, thefts, and people driving through the front of your store. Finally, there’s workers’ compensation insurance. You only need this if you have employees. Otherwise, you should go with self employed electrology insurance in VA.

  • Protect yourself from high unexpected costs with a full suite of insurance for your electrology business in VA
  • Along with professional liability coverage, you should have general liability, hazard, and if applicable, workers’ compensation insurance.

To get the exact insurance coverage you need, contact an agent at Marine Agency Insurance. We’re a nationwide company that focuses on the needs of spas, beauty salons, medispas, and similar establishments. We understand the unique challenges that face you and your business and stand ready to help.

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