Take a moment to envision the fallout from a lawsuit against your business filed by either a customer or employee. If you don’t have the proper insurance in place, your business might go bankrupt in the event of such a lawsuit. Marine Agency is here to provide your business with the insurance you need to keep your operations humming along with minimal or no legal liability for supposed wrongdoing.

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Insurance Types

Your medical spa in Colorado needs workers’ compensation insurance opens in a new window. This insurance provides coverage if an employee is injured or becomes ill while working. Professional liability insurance is also a must-have for Colorado businesses as it shields the business from liability if a customer files a lawsuit stating one of your employees erred or acted negligently when providing services opens in a new window. Negligence is a reference to not providing sufficient care for others.

Property coverage is also essential as it safeguards the building where your medical spa or laser treatment center operates. This coverage also insures the contents of the building as well. Property insurance is particularly important if you own the business where your medical spa or laser treatment center operates. Property insurance is extensive to the point that it even covers thefts.

Plenty of laser treatment and medical spas also obtain abusive acts coverage that proves applicable in the event of physical abuse or sexual molestation on-site. General liability insurance provides coverage for claims tied to property damage as well as personal injuries suffered on the premises.

Key Takeaways:

  • Marine Agency has the laser hair removal insurance coverage your business needs
  • Obtain the right insurance coverage and you will sleep soundly knowing your business is protected
  • Both employees and customers alike will view your business more favorably if you have the right insurance

Purchase MediSpa Insurance in Colorado

Marine Agency is on your side. If you own or manage a laser treatment or medical spa in Colorado, contact us today for more information about your insurance options. You can reach Marine Agency by phone at 800-763-4775 or by email at

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