The medical spa industry in Kentucky is flourishing opens in a new window, and not just in big cities like Louisville and Lexington. Throughout the state, independent providers are providing cosmetic services like laser hair removal opens in a new window or opening full locations offering the entire range of medical spa treatments popular with clients today. The joy that comes with highlighting beauty must be balanced with the realities of owning a business, which includes preparing for the unlikely event that something may go wrong. Medical spa insurance is a necessity.

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What Is Medical Spa Insurance?

Sometimes, cosmetic treatments don’t go according to plan. Even just a disgruntled customer could generate a complaint that ends up in a lawsuit. Without adequate coverage, even the most successful medical spa could be destroyed by the setbacks that may result. Every responsible business owner shops around for insurance quotes that can provide the coverage they need—and this is no different for MediSpa owners and solo operators. 

Does Coverage Only Cover Medical Spa Treatments?

Insurance coverage from experts like Marine Agency is not limited to medical spa treatments. While we are specialized in providing coverage for procedures like laser hair removal insurance and cosmetic fillers, we offer general business insurance too. Pick from our menu of insurance coverage options, and tailor a plan to meet your business’s specific needs. We recommend planning for every contingency, which means considering a basic business coverage as well as specialized cosmetic insurance. 

Key Takeaways:

As you consider your coverage needs, remember the following:

  • Your specialty is medical spa treatments, and so you will want specific medical spa insurance coverage.
  • Your business may look very different from others in your area, but you should still consider general business needs.
  • As the spa scene in Kentucky continues to grow, you will face more competition and traffic—increasing the potential risk if you are not sufficiently covered.

Contact Marine Agency today to have one of our experts work through your insurance needs and design the plan that fits your medical spa business.

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