Recent news coverage opens in a new window in Maine has noted the growing popularity of medical spas and medical spa treatments. The growing popularity of these treatments parallels public awareness of self-care. As with any business, there is a potential risk opens in a new window that needs to be considered—and that warrants the appropriate medical spa insurance.

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What Risks Come With Medical Spa Treatments?

Nobody likes to think of medical spa treatments being anything short of flattering and relaxing, but the unfortunate reality is that they are not without risk. Expert reports show increasing risk opens in a new window associated with medical spas as the number of providers offering these services continues to rapidly grow. Malpractice is one of the most common risks associated; although these are primarily aesthetic procedures, they still have a medical component to them. Supervision of medical staff and the maintenance of appropriate licensure, training, and operating procedures—including obtaining proper patient consent—are other areas of potential focus, since it is not always the doctor providing the services.

Staying aware of these potential risks and making sure your business is covered in the event they occur is crucial to the long-term success of your medical spa.

What Does Medical Spa Insurance Coverage Entail?

The primary focus of medical spa insurance is the medical spa treatments themselves. Laser hair removal insurance is a popular offering, although insurance coverage can be provided for all approved cosmetic procedures. Marine Agency has extensive experience in this industry and has leveraged years of work with major beauty experts to design the most up-to-date coverage as part of our insurance quotes.

It is important to remember that potential risk does not lie solely with the medical spa treatments. At the end of the day, each medical spa is still a business, and as such, it needs the same types of basic insurance coverage as any business. Aside from malpractice insurance, it is important to look into general business liability, theft protection, disaster protection, and even workers’ compensation.

Key Takeaways

As you consider medical spa insurance, remember the points highlighted above:

  • Medical spa treatments can come with the risk of injury or unintentional side effects.
  • Workers may get injured on the job and therefore need coverage.
  • Medical spas are a type of business, and therefore need the same type of coverage as any business catering to the general public.

Contact Marine Agency today to speak to one of the specialists and design insurance quotes geared toward the coverage you need.

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