Maryland businesses of all types require insurance. In particular, medical spa and laser treatment businesses in Maryland benefit from insurance opens in a new window as it provides a safety net of sorts in the event of a lawsuit. Insurance has the potential to minimize or even offset the payout from a lawsuit from a client, employee, or another party, ultimately keeping the doors open.

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The Right Insurance for Your Business

The specific type of insurance optimal for your business might not be ideal for the next business and so on. However, most medical spas and laser treatment providers in Maryland obtain both professional liability insurance and general liability insurance. Professional liability insurance protects in a situation when a client claims an employee errs or acts negligently. Negligence refers to the failure to provide due care to others. General liability insurance opens in a new window safeguards your business against claims about property damage, personal injury, and other related issues.

Property insurance might also be necessary if you own the business where medical spa treatments or laser treatments are provided. Property insurance insures the building to minimize the cost of damage and theft. There is also the option of adding abusive acts coverage which applies to physical abuse or sexual molestation on the premises.

Key Takeaways:

  • Maryland medical spa and laser treatment businesses need insurance
  • Property insurance alone will not suffice. Your business needs workers’ compensation insurance, professional liability, general liability, and additional coverages
  • Marine Agency is happy to provide Maryland laser treatment businesses and medical spas with insurance

Purchase MediSpa Insurance in Maryland

Marine Agency has the insurance policies your business and beauty experts need to operate without worrying about a potentially devastating lawsuit. If you own or manage a laser treatment or medical spa in Maryland, contact us today for more insurance information. You can reach us by phone at 800-763-4775 or by email at

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