MediSpas, laser operators, and beauty experts in South Carolina face potential liability every day. Thankfully, insurance coverage can protect business owners small and large. Below we cover the essential insurance options solo laser operators and full-service medispas should have to protect themselves and their business.

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Types of Coverage

What types of medical spa insurance you will need depends on what services you offer. Marine Agency provides various options that can meet your needs regardless of the medical spa services provided – Botox, dermal filler injections, laser hair removal opens in a new window, medical spa treatments, microblading, and more.

Operators should have general liability, including coverage for incidents such as trips and falls and product liability. Professional liability can protect your business in case of an employee’s error or misconduct, even if a freelance employee commits it. Liability issues can arise for many reasons-medispa operators must comply with a whole host of laws and regulations opens in a new window.

Basic property coverage protects your business in case of burglary, fire, or theft. Property coverage might not be necessary for independent operators who work off-site. However, there is specific coverage off-site coverage for them. Marine Agency offers its policies ala carte, meaning you can customize your insurance package to meet your needs.

Another coverage option is for business interruption coverage, which can help a business if unforeseen circumstances, such as a pandemic, forces your business to cease operating for a time.

Key Takeaways:

  • South Carolina MediSpas and solo laser operators face risks every day, and essential insurance coverage can protect businesses big and small.
  • Marine Agency offers various laser hair removal insurance and medical spa insurance that can meet a businesses’ needs based on the services provided.
  • Insurance can protect against liability concerns in case of an error, employee misconduct, or false claims.

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