Owning and operating a laser and MediSpa business can expose you to a variety of related risks. For this reason, having the right coverage is imperative. Depending on your state and the specifics of your business, there may be different regulations you need to follow. Once you have a complete understanding of what your particular business needs, Marine Agency can provide you with an assortment of coverage options to best protect you.

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Discovering Coverage Options

There are many policy types outside of those required for laser and MediSpa businesses in South Dakota. Increasing your coverage outside several of what is mandated helps prepare your business for anything. We offer a wide range of options, including packages that simultaneously benefit your employees and reduce external risks, such as natural disasters.

Alleviate Worry by Staying Prepared

Hope for the best, but plan for the worst. It is never a bad idea to be ready for any issue that may arise. Businesses providing personal services to customers, such as with medical spa treatment and laser hair removal, the possibility of a peril arising always exists. Professional liability insurance and industry-specific coverage, such as medical spa and laser hair removal insurance, are available.

Understanding Your Coverage Options

Marine Agency offers both individual coverage options as well as packages that have everything you need. You can get them all, or only the one you are looking for. With preparedness in your toolkits, you will be ready for whatever comes your business’s way.


  • Businesses in the personal care industry can expose themselves to certain types of risks.
  • While some of these risks are covered in required insurance, there are additional coverage options that can reduce and alleviate stress on business owners and provide increased safety.

Insurance Beauty Experts Can Rely On

Marine Agency is committed to providing insurance coverage to a variety of businesses to meet the full range of their needs. You can learn more about coverage options on our website and keep your focus on what you love. Contact us today!

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