Washington tattoo parlors that provide microblading are exposed to certain risks because they offer this service. Should a client get an infection or eye injury during an eyebrow application, the resulting lawsuit could be substantial. Even if a semi-permanent eyebrow is aesthetically off, the client might try to sue. Getting microblading insurance in Washington is one way these businesses can protect themselves.

microblading insurance in new jersey for businesses

Why Do Tattoo Parlors That Provide Microblading Need To Have Microblading Insurance?

Microblading insurance is a specific type of commercial insurance opens in a new window, and it’s specially formulated to guard against the risks that applying semi-permanent eyebrows present. That’s why microblading insurance is important for these businesses. There isn’t another insurance that’s so specifically applicable to the risks that microblading presents, which makes this insurance a vital component of a microblading business plan.

What Do Tattoo Parlors Need to Begin a Microblading Business?

What you need to start a microblading business if you already have a tattoo parlor isn’t much. With space, supplies, and essential business documents that are already taken care of, all you have to acquire is microblading esthetician insurance. This insurance will cover microblading, which your standard tattoo insurance might not cover.

How Much Does Microblading Insurance Cost?

Premiums for microblading insurance in Washington vary, but the coverage is generally affordable. It almost certainly is more affordable than what a major lawsuit opens in a new window could cost if something happened and business had no coverage in place.

Key Takeaways

  • Microblading insurance is a specialized and unique form of commercial insurance.
  • Tattoo parlors and other businesses that offer microblading services need microblading insurance.
  • Microblading insurance is affordable, almost certainly costing less than a major lawsuit would.

Get Microblading Insurance in Washington

To find microblading insurance in Washington, contact Marine Agency. Experts in the coverage, Marine Agency can help you get the specific microblading insurance policy that’s best for your business.

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