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The risks involved in performing microblading services in Alaska opens in a new window means business owners can’t afford to be unprotected. That’s why obtaining microblading esthetician insurance in Alaska could be the difference in whether you wipe out your business resources when defending yourself against an action.

Why Microblading Insurance is Important

Customers may leave your shop feeling they did not get the services they were promised. Others might take issue with their treatment by one of your artists. An inadvertent slip of the hand by a licensed and trained artist opens in a new window could lead to an injury and possible hospital bills.

You could lose a lot of money if you fail to protect yourself and your business assets. Microblading insurance is part of what you need to start a microblading business and protect yourself.

Having microblading insurance in Alaska could prevent you from losing your hard-earned revenue defending yourself in court. Marine Agency offers a variety of tattoo insurance options.

  • Acts of abuse committed by an employee
  • Coverage of saline pigment removal
  • Liability coverage for when you travel to off-site shows or perform demonstrations
  • Malpractice Insurance
  • General Liability Insurance

Make Insurance Part of Your Microblading Business Plan

Even the best artists sometimes make mistakes that could result in liability for your microblading business. Marine Agency guides you in picking out the best coverage options for your company. We set the coverage price on different microblading insurance packages put together for business owners.


  • There are risks involved in operating a microblading business in the state of Alaska
  • Business owners must protect their assets from being lost in a legal action
  • Even the best-run microblading shops could end up in a situation that could lead to legal liability
  • Marine Agency offers a variety of policy options for microblading business owners in Alaska

Get help picking out microblading insurance in Alaska by contacting Marine Agency for a free quote.

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