Microblading insurance coverage is one of the many types that Marine Agency Insurance can offer to protect your California business. Because microblading is a semi-permanent cosmetic procedure, it carries some risks that can lead to a liability lawsuit. Depending on the level of coverage that you need, Marine Agency Insurance can craft a customized policy for your business.

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What Kind of Insurance Do I Need for Microblading?

The cost of your microblading insurance coverage will depend on several factors, including the types of additional services you provide, the business location, and how much coverage you require overall. Our insurance will meet all California regulatory requirements for your business while including coverages which your business may need in addition to that. Coverage can include:

  • Professional Liability Insurance: This protects your business from a professional malpractice lawsuit.
  • General Liability Insurance: This protects your microblading business from lawsuits over products used, slip and fall accidents, and other incidents that may happen on your business property.
  • Property Insurance Coverage: This can protect your business location and the property inside the business from burglary, theft, fire and other incidents.
  • Independent Contractor Coverage: If you rent space at your salon for independent contractors who provide microblading, we recommend this addition to your coverage.

The amount that your monthly microblading esthetician insurance will cost depends largely on how much coverage you decide is needed. The good news is that Marine Insurance Agency can build a customized plan to meet your needs, at a competitive price.

Purchasing Microblading Insurance in California

  • Marine Insurance Agency can craft a customized insurance plan for your business
  • Coverage meets all California regulatory and legal requirements
  • Protect your business from malpractice lawsuits and other threats

Get a customized quote for your spa, salon or tattoo parlor that includes microblading insurance coverage by calling us today at 800-763-4775!

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