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It takes a lot of skill and talent to execute consistent, good-looking microblading results on different clients. Professionals in the industry invest a lot of time in refining their skill and technique and making sure they stay within Louisiana state guidelines opens in a new window. They do their best to make each customer happy.

The Importance of Microblading Esthetician Insurance

Even the most well-run microblading business opens in a new window can run into a scenario where a customer feels they did not get what they desired. A dye used by a makeup artist could cause an unexpected reaction in the client. An unintended hand movement could cause damage and result in medical bills for the client. There are many different scenarios where a client may feel they are due compensation for their experience in your shop.

No matter the reason, you could lose a lot of time and money defending yourself against an unexpected legal action. That’s why microblading insurance is part of what you need to start a microblading business. It should be an essential component of any microblading business plan.

Picking the Right Coverage

You need to understand the different types of coverage available to cover various business scenarios. Marine Agency provides you with a variety of tattoo insurance options.

  • Protection against acts committed by an employee or contractor
  • General liability insurance to cover accidents
  • Removal of saline pigment
  • Coverage of incidents that happen at trade shows or pop-ups

Marine Agency company representatives guide business owners in understanding the different policies. We help you find peace of mind by helping protect your business assets.


  • Even the most skilled microblading artists could inadvertently cause a client to bring legal action
  • Insurance coverage should be part of any microblading business plan
  • Make sure you understand the level of coverage offered in a policy

Learn more about our business insurance offerings by contacting Marine Agency today.

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