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Microblading is regulated more stringently in Mississippi than in many other states. For one thing, the Mississippi Department of Health opens in a new window only allows licensed tattoo artists to perform the procedure. Mississippi does not consider microblading to be within the scope of cosmetologists, estheticians, beauticians or other cosmetic professionals. With that in mind, here’s what you need to know about microblading insurance in Mississippi.

Mississippi Tattoo Insurance

Many beauty salons in Mississippi hire a tattoo artist as an independent contractor in order to provide the eyebrow enhancements of microblading to their clients. It’s much easier to hire a guest artist than to obtain separate licensing as a tattoo artist. Tattoo shops also offer the procedure, but it makes insurance a bit different for salons when they have to hire independent contractors.

Fortunately, tattoo insurance from Marine Agency covers independent contractor insurance. We also offer a range of policies that can include Mississippi workers compensation, property coverage, general and professional liability and more. Beauty shops, salons and day spas can still offer microblading to clients in Mississippi; it just takes a bit more planning, due to regulations that limit the types of professionals who can perform the procedure.

Why Microblading?

Microblading is an extremely popular form of eyebrow enhancement. It is technically a semi-permanent tattoo that fades away between six and 18 months after the procedure is performed. It makes sense for beauty salons and tattoo parlors to provide the service, due to demand for it. That’s why the proper insurance plan is a must for microblading in Mississippi.


  • Only licensed tattoo artists can provide microblading in Mississippi
  • Insurance from Marine Agency can cover guest tattoo artists/independent contractors
  • Popularity of microblading makes it an attractive add-on for tattoo parlors & beauty shops

Contact us at Marine Agency if you need a microblading insurance plan. We can provide you with a free quote for your Mississippi business.

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