Microblading insurance is just one of many specialized types of policies that Marine Insurance Agency provides to tattoo and beauty industry businesses in Texas. With nearly three decades of experience in the insurance industry, we’re accustomed to the regulatory and legal insurance requirements in all 50 states. For the peace of mind that the right insurance policy can provide your business, we are ready to partner with you to cover and protect your investment.

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Protect Your Salon with Microblading Insurance

Microblading is a semi-permanent form of tattooing, so it does carry some risks for clients. If an accident occurs that results in injury to a client, that person may be able to sue the business, the technician who made the mistake and even the company that made the microblading tools. A simple mistake can be catastrophic for your salon or day spa if you don’t have the right levels of coverage.

Marine Insurance Agency can cover your independent contractors or employees as insureds for your business. Our general liability coverage protects against on-location injuries to staff or clients, while our professional liability coverage can protect your business against malpractice suits. Property coverage, unemployment insurance, optional business interruption insurance and more are available.

We understand that every business is unique, and Marine Insurance Agency doesn’t operate under a “one size fits all” philosophy. We can craft a microblading insurance coverage plan that covers as much or as little as you need.

How to Obtain Texas Microblading Insurance

  • Specialty plans can include optional coverage such as business interruption insurance
  • Marine Insurance Agency: Three decades of continental US coverage of beauty and tattoo businesses
  • Customized insurance plans – purchase as much or as little as you need

We can provide a microblading insurance quote for your tattoo or spa business that meets your specific needs. Call today at 1-800-763-4775 for your quote!


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