Tattoo Shop Insurance in TX

Like all businesses, tattoo and piercing shops are exposed to risks on a daily basis. Individual tattoo artists may be accused of negligence and sued for damaged, or the entire business may be held responsible when a customer slips and falls on the premises. Regardless of the type of claim, it is important for tattoo and piercing shops in Texas to protect themselves with the proper insurance coverage.

Shopping for Tattoo Shop Insurance in TX

TX tattoo & piercing shop insurance comes in a variety of different forms. For example, most tattoo and piercing shops in this state will need to purchase general liability insurance. opens in a new window This type of insurance is available to most businesses and protects against bodily injury claims, property damage claims, personal injury claims and other general issues.

Tattoo insurance in TX should also include professional liability, which protects your business and its artists in the event of claims related directly to the services you provide. For example, if a customer claims that one of your artists’ tattoos was done incorrectly and led to financial loss for the customer, this type of insurance will typically cover the claim.

If you own the building that houses your tattoo shop, property insurance is another important type of coverage you may need. This type of policy protects your investment in the event of damage or theft. In addition, most tattoo shops that employ one or more individuals should consider purchasing workers’ compensation insurance. Although the state of Texas opens in a new window does not require this type of coverage, it still provides valuable protection in the event that one of your employees becomes injured or ill on the job.

Purchase Tattooist Insurance in TX

Marine Agency offers customizable insurance coverage to tattoo and piercing shops in Texas. To learn more or to obtain a quote, please contact us today.

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