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Tattoo Shop and Body Piercing Insurance in Georgia

If you own a tattoo and piercing establishment in the state of Georgia, you will face a variety of risks as you operate your business. Fortunately, you can protect your company from these risks by purchasing the right piercing and tattoo business insurance in GA. To determine what types of coverage you need to purchase, you need to consider the different risks you face and the policies available for purchase.

What Types of Business Insurance in Georgia is Needed?

Many different types of GA tattoo insurance are available to establishments in Georgia. Below are some of the most common types of insurance opens in a new window purchased by body piercing and tattoo shops in Georgia.

Property insurance.

Property insurance is necessary if your establishment operates in a building that you own. Most property insurance policies protect the building you own, as well as the contents you store inside. The policy may protect against damage due to fires and other disasters, as well as losses related to theft.

General liability insurance.

Another popular type of tattooist insurance in GA is general liability insurance. General business liability insurance protects your company when it faces liability claims, such as claims related to personal injury.

Workers’ compensation insurance.

Workers’ compensation insurance opens in a new window is required for most employers under Georgia law, so if your tattoo shop has employees, you will likely need this type of coverage. This type of policy will provide benefits to sick or injured employees, and it will prevent them from suing you in the event of an injury or illness.

Professional liability insurance.

Professional liability insurance will protect your business in the event that a customer claims an artist has been negligent or made a mistake while providing services.

Purchasing Commercial Insurance Policies in Georgia

Marine Agency is proud to offer tattoo shop insurance in GA to all tattoo and piercing businesses. Please call us today to learn more.

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