It takes a lot to put together a successful microblading establishment in Illinois. An artist must have the ability to combine talent with good business acumen. However, it only takes one incident to put all that hard work in jeopardy. That is why microblading insurance is something that should be tops in the minds of those in the microblading profession.

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Protection of Assets

Even the most careful microblading specialist can end up in a situation opens in a new window where a customer is left dissatisfied. The ink used could end up causing a negative reaction that results in medical expenses for a client. A microblading business opens in a new window owner may receive a complaint that one of their employees acted in an unprofessional manner.

All these scenarios could result in legal action that could potentially wipe out the resources built up by an artist or business owner. That is why industry professionals should have a microblading business plan that accounts for having insurance coverage to cover any potential liability.

Finding the Right Policy

What kind of insurance do I need for microblading?” is typically one of the first questions asked by those in the microblading industry. Marine Agency provides a variety of policy types to cover different scenarios.

  • Abusive acts committed by an employee (including physical and sexual abuse)
  • Malpractice Insurance
  • General liability to cover any trips or falls that cause injury
  • Removal of saline pigment
  • Liability coverage for off-site trade shows and demonstrations


The company can pull together microblading insurance packages to cover any situations that could arise in business. A microblading professional can more peace of mind in knowing they protected themselves from potentially catastrophic business losses.


  • It is not easy to find success in the competitive microblading industry
  • A professional could find themselves in a situation where they could be found liable by a customer or employee and face extensive financial losses
  • Microblading insurance should be part of the equation when it comes to working in the industry
  • Marine Agency Insurance provides a variety of coverage types

Feel free to contact Marine Agency Insurance today for more information on our policy packages for microblading business owners in Illinois.

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