It is easy for people to underestimate the skill and talent required to execute flawless microblading opens in a new window results on clients. Most of the professionals involved in the microblading business devote themselves to learning the best techniques and giving the customer a look they desire.

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Preparing for the Unknown

Even the best in the business can sometimes end up with customers who feel they received a less than ideal result opens in a new window. It may be that the dye used had issues unknown to the makeup artist at the time it was used. It could be that an inadvertent hand movement caused unintended damage. Sometimes the client may feel they did not get what they paid for and feel they deserve compensation.

Regardless of the reason, an unexpected legal action can result in a lot of time and money lost. The situation could easily lead to a loss of revenue if a microblading business opens in a new window owner fails to protect themselves. Paying for insurance should be part of an owner’s microblading business plan.

Choosing a Policy

The first question an owner may ask is, “What kind of insurance do I need for microblading?” Marine Agency offers a variety of policy coverage choices.

  • Abusive acts committed by an employee (including physical and sexual abuse)
  • Malpractice Insurance
  • General liability to cover any trips or falls that cause injury
  • Removal of saline pigment
  • Liability coverage for off-site trade shows and demonstrations

The company offers something to include every possible situation for which a business owner could be found liable. Marine Agency sets the coverage price based on microblading insurance packages pulled together for business owners.


  • It takes skill to deliver precise, attractive microblading results.
  • Situations may arise that could leave a client seeking damages against a microblading business
  • It is essential for business owners to make microblading insurance part of their business plan
  • Marine Agency offers a variety of policy types for microblading business owners

No other company in Pennsylvania provides the level of coverage provided by the Marine Agency. Contact us today and receive a free quote.

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