This Is How to Assess Your Tattoo Studio Insurance Policy  

Whether you own a home tattoo studio or your very own brick and mortar business, tattoo shop insurance is an essential element to protecting your bottom line. So how do you know if your tattoo studio insurance is working to protect your small business from every angle? Just like your auto insurance or homeowners insurance policy, it’s important to take a look at how your tattoo insurance coverage annually or whenever there are big changes at your company.

The Benefits of Assessing Your Tattoo Studio Insurance Policy

Have you put off assessing your tattoo shop insurance policy because you’re afraid of spending too much? If so, you’re not alone. However, cutting corners when it comes to insurance coverage for your small business can be a very dangerous gamble. In fact, the cost of your annual premium is going to be much lower than the cost of paying out of pocket for a lawsuit. While most tattoo shop owners are aware of basic small business insurance coverage options like workers’ compensation and general liability, there may be additional options that can help to better protect your assets and your employees.

This Is How to Assess Your Tattoo Studio Insurance Policy  

Why Should I Review My Coverage?

Responsible small business owners should be reviewing their insurance coverage at least once per year. Some of the most important reasons to assess your current coverage include:

  • Conditions Can Change – As your business changes to meet industry demands and the needs of your clients, your insurance coverage should change as well.
  • There May Be Mistakes – With so many different things to manage as a tattoo shop owner, there is always the possibility that you and your insurance agent didn’t catch a mistake. Reviewing your policy can help to give you both peace of mind.
  • You Could Be Saving – Saving money whenever possible is something that all top tattoo studios should be concerned with. There’s always a possibility that you are overpaying with your current provider, so an annual review is in your best interest.

Assessing Your Current Policy

While each tattoo studio has different needs and risks that they should be aware of, there are a few basic insurance coverage options that you should consider when assessing your current policy.

General Liability

This policy is designed to cover any legal or medical expenses that may arise after an accident on company property (even in a home tattoo studio) that results in a customer injury or property damage.

This Is How to Assess Your Tattoo Studio Insurance Policy  

Professional Liability

This policy protects your business from any legal claims related to malpractice. For example, this coverage option would protect your business if a client claimed that someone in your shop caused them harm by using dirty needles or other unsafe practices.

Property Insurance

Whether your business is home-based or you have your own commercial location, this coverage will help to cover any business property damages or loss that result from severe weather events, theft, vandalism and more.

Review Your Tattoo Shop Insurance Today

Your tattoo studio insurance policy is just as important as any other coverage you invest in. Knowing where you stand in the event of an accident or disaster is beneficial to everyone who walks through your doors. When it’s time to assess your policy, keep these key factors in mind:

  • You should review your policy annually or any time there is a major change in the business operations.
  • As your business needs change, there is a chance that you could be overpaying for coverage.
  • Do you know what your current coverage includes? If not, now is the perfect time to assess your policy.

Is it time to update your tattoo studio insurance policy? Visit the team at Marine Agency Insurance online today to get a quote.

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