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The last thought on your mind as your wedding day approaches is that something will go wrong and spoil an otherwise picture-perfect day. You certainly don’t want to be thinking about insurance on a day that centers on love and romance either.

Wedding insurance is not the topic of conversation at most bridal showers. However, it is something that needs your consideration. Any number of unimaginable events can take place in the days leading up to the wedding and on the wedding day itself that makes having protection in place as essential as creating a bridal registry at your favorite store.


What is Wedding Insurance?

When hearing the words ‘wedding insurance,’ your first thought goes to someone standing at the altar, looking heartbroken and alone because someone decided not to get married that day. However, this type of coverage extends beyond being left at the altar.

Think for a moment about what you would do if your limo driver showed up after helping himself to the items that were part of your stocked limo bar. You now have the hassle of contacting the limo company to come pick up their inebriated driver, while also having to find a new limo company. Your last minute request for limo service will likely result in you paying twice as much for limo service that was paid in full one month ago.

A wedding opens in a new window insurance policy works to provide you with protection from all of the things that can go wrong in the wedding itself and the preparations for the event. You will have financial protection from things like having your reception venue close its doors two weeks before the wedding and having to scramble to find a new location at the last minute – paying more money to make that happen.


What Does It Cover?

Wedding insurance works to give you financial protection from the damages that occur as a result of someone other than yourself. One of the main protection benefits you receive is coverage for weather conditions. When a weather event prevents the wedding party, the respective parents, and a majority of guests from arriving at the wedding’s location, the insurance will cover the financial expense of relocating or postponing the wedding as a result of the weather.

You will have coverage in place should any wedding vendor not show up to your event as promised. When a wedding venue closes without warning, wedding insurance will reimburse you for any money paid to that point, and help you find a new wedding location. If your wedding dress endures damage as a result of an accident or by someone’s negligence, the insurance will pay for a replacement dress.

You will not receive coverage for someone having a change of heart and deciding not to go through with the wedding. There is also no coverage protection for any personal jewelry items that are part of the wedding festivities or an engagement ring setting.


Why to Get Wedding Insurance?

Wedding season is right around the corner. This means that every florist, photographer, and bakery will soon have more wedding-related orders than they might be able to handle. Reception venues will also face a rush of business coming through their doors as newlyweds look to celebrate the occasion with family and friends.

All of this extra activity creates a pathway for something to go wrong. A venue can unknowingly book two events for the same time on the same night. A bakery can mix up wedding cake orders and send your cake to another reception location while giving you someone else’s cake by mistake. You may endure a personal situation that results in having to postpone your wedding for now.

Each of these situations has the potential of happening in the days leading up to your wedding. Having wedding insurance in place works to protect you from the unexpected events of the day. The absence of wedding insurance means that all of the costs to repair the damage from these and other situations that can occur is coming out of your pocket.


Marine Agency Can Protect You

Marine Agency stands ready to protect you on one of the biggest days in your life. They can work with you to find out exactly what your wedding insurance opens in a new window needs are and then create a policy that centers around those requirements. Your custom insurance needs will take a look at things such as the number of guests that will be at your reception, whether or not you will be continuing the wedding celebration over the course of three or more days and whether your wedding will be indoors or outdoors. Anything else that has to do with wedding insurance, having it, buying it, Marine Agency!

Call us or check out our contact page opens in a new window today where you can speak with a friendly and knowledgeable (real and not automated) staff member who will explain the many ways that Marine Agency will ensure that you’re insured and prepared for the unexpected!

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