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Warm springtime weather is here and if you own an antique or classic car, you may be anxious to get it out of the garage and on the road again. Whether you plan to tow your antique vehicle on a trailer to classic car shows or just want to show it off around town, classic car insurance is a great idea to protect your investment. Although you may not realize it, insurance and registration requirements for classic autos are different in all 50 states. Here’s a closer look at classic car insurance vs. regular car insurance. 

Classic Car Insurance Plans

If you have a collector’s item or other types of classic auto, here are some of the different types of insurance plans available:

  • Classic Car Insurance: This is a straightforward plan. The vehicle needs to fit the age and restoration guidelines and other terms set forth by the insurer.
  • Antique Car Insurance: In most states, a vehicle has to be at least 20 to 25 years old to qualify as an “antique.”
  • Modified Car Insurance: This is a classic vehicle that has been modified and upgraded with more modern materials in the interior, such as a more modern engine. The value of a policy for a modified vehicle will vary depending on the value of the car, which can be complex to determine depending on the modifications.
  • Kit Car Insurance: These are usually replica vehicles, built from a kit, which looks exactly like a particular classic vehicle. These are also valued differently than classic cars for insurance.

We can help you find an insurance policy for all of those situations, but there are many other types of classic automobiles that do not fit into those categories. These include rare vehicles, vintage motorcycles, antique military vehicles, street hot rods that have been modified, and many other possibilities. The good news is that no matter how unique a classic automobile may be, Marine Agency can help you find a coverage policy that will protect your investment.

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Who is Eligible for Classic Car Insurance?

Eligibility can be a bit tricky because while many classic cars are insurable, not all drivers are. There are some eligibility requirements that you may have to meet as a classic car owner before an underwriter will insure your vehicle:

  • Must be at least 25 years of age
  • Must have a good driving record with a minimum number of no-accident driving years
  • Must have a secure facility for storing the classic auto
  • Must own and use a separate vehicle as your primary automobile
  • Must have an auto insurance policy for your primary vehicle

There may be other conditions depending on what state you live in, as well. If you don’t meet all of the prerequisites, an insurer might not agree to cover your vehicle.

Classic car insurance vs. regular , who offers classic car insurance , best classic car insurance , classic car insurance quote auto insurance , modified , antique

Who Offers Classic Car Insurance?

  • Classic car insurance protects your classic car & doesn’t lapse during storage months.
  • Many types of policies for classic cars, muscle cars, antique vehicles & more.
  • Minimum driver requirements must be met for underwriting.

We do! Contact Marine Agency today and we’ll help with the valuation and work to find the best classic car insurance quote available for your classic car.

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