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Cover Ups Are Coming: Make Sure You’re Covered


As time goes by, it is common for people to fall out of love with some of their tattoos. For tattoo shop owners, buyer’s remorse is something that is seen every day. Whether your clients are looking to cover up the name of an ex or they have simply outgrown their childhood superhero obsession, February seems like one of the most popular times of the year for cover up tattoos. Impulse purchases can happen anywhere, even at your tattoo shop! So the best way to protect your business financially is to invest in a comprehensive insurance policy.

Protect Your Business Against Tattoo Regret

Tattoo Cover Ups

While you and your staff may understand the basics of thinking before you ink, chances are that many of your clients do not. Additionally, some people may think that laser removal opens in a new window or a cover up tattoo will protect them in the event that they have a change of heart.  However, most  people do not realize that these solutions are not a quick fix.

What Are the Risks Associated with Cover Up Tattoos?

Because tattoo regret is so common, many tattoo artists specialize in the art of cover ups. This is often the more affordable and convenient option when trying to erase past tattoo mistakes. But even a good cover up can come with its very own set of liability issues for your business and your employees. In the event that a customer has an issue with the services provided at your shop, it is always a good idea to protect your assets with total insurance coverage.

Benefits of Liability Coverage

It is important that your clients understand that tattoo cover ups are not like a magic eraser. While they are one of the best ways to say goodbye to a tattoo that they regret, there are still a great number of risks associated with cover up tattoos.  Mixing ink colors and the possibility of tattooing over scar tissue are just two way the end results can vary from client to client.

There’s always a risk that client may end up hating their cover up tattoo or they may have an issue with infection and scarring. If your shop is sued and found to be negligent opens in a new window, you may be forced to pay for medical bills and other damages. With liability coverage, you don’t have to work in fear of being sued by every customer who deals with tattoo regret or common medical issues.

Additional Coverage Options

Tattoo Insurance

With the busy cover up season quickly approaching, it’s a good idea to review your current insurance policy to make sure your business is covered in the event of an accident or other issues that happen at the shop or when you’re working off-site. With the additional coverage options available at Marine Agency Insurance, you can protect your business and your clients against theft, burglary and natural disasters as well.

Worried about inviting guest artists to come in and help out with cover ups? There’s no need to stress when you invest in comprehensive insurance coverage. That’s because temporary guests artists are covered automatically with our tattoo and body piercing policies. In fact, your liability coverage will automatically follow you and your employees when you work off-site to better serve your clients during the busy cover up season.

Insurance Protection You Can Count On

At Marine Agency Insurance, we make it easy to cover your business and your employees before the cover up season gets into full swing. For more information on our total insurance protection policy options, be sure to visit the team at Marine Agency Insurance online today to get a quote!

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