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If you’re a seasonal Santa performer, Marine Agency has some great news for you. We’ve made a list and checked it twice — and we have some of the best specialty performers insurance for Santa Claus on the market! Nationwide Santas can sign up with Marine Insurance Agency and receive one of the most comprehensive coverage packages in the US. Our policy even covers his helpers!

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Santa Claus Entertainer Insurance

A visit with a seasonal Santa can be a life-changing experience for a child opens in a new window. However, accidents can happen while Santa is on the job, and you don’t want an unfortunate incident to put your seasonal business at risk. A lot of companies on the market claim to provide insurance for Santa Claus, but look at what specialty performers insurance from Marine Agency covers:

  • Theft: Imagine having Santa’s props stolen while he’s getting his picture taken with children. Our insurance covers this unfortunate, but all-too-common occurrence.
  • Damage to Business Property: If Santa is performing at an event or mall and his business property is damaged, we cover it.
  • Bodily Injury: Suppose a child trips on Santa’s bag of toys. Santa wouldn’t want to have to pay up to $40,000 or more out of pocket for medical or dental expenses because of an accident, now, would he?
  • Santa’s Off-Season Work: It’s a little-known fact that Santa takes on some side gigs as an entertainer during the off-season. If Santa performs magic shows and balloon art at birthday parties during different times of the year, coverage from Marine Agency will protect his side business year-round.
  • Santa’s Helpers: Sometimes Santa likes to bring Mrs. Claus with him while he’s on the job. Sometimes he may bring along an elf or a photographer. Marine Agency’s insurance for Santa Claus covers up to two helpers.
  • Professional Liability: Santa Claus is extremely busy this time of year. Sometimes he’s so busy that he accidentally double-books himself, and the host of the event that he cannot attend might incur some expenses. Marine Agency’s specialty performers insurance protects Santa Claus from this unfortunate incident. (Note: Not available in AR, CT, MN, NH, NY, OK, OR, SD, VA or WA)
  • Certificate of Coverage: Sometimes an event host will require Santa to list them as an Additional Insured on his policy. If Santa needs quick access to a certificate of his coverage and the clock is ticking, Marine Agency can quickly provide this for him!

Specialty performers insurance, Santa claus entertainer insurance, Insurance for santa claus, Nationwide santas

Specialty Performers’ Insurance for Santa

We should note that there are some limits to the types of events under which Santa can be covered. Santa’s job is to spread Christmas cheer opens in a new window to millions of children around the world, but not every situation can be covered by an insurance policy. For example, Marine Agency does not cover any events in which Santa uses fire, pyrotechnics/fireworks, or weapons. Likewise, Santa’s live band is not eligible for this type of insurance coverage.

Sometimes Santa will run into a Grinch who wants to steal his livelihood by filing a frivolous claim against him. When Santa has Santa Clause entertainer insurance from Marine Agency, he doesn’t have to worry about this scenario. His insurance will cover the investigation and legal defense against the Grinch — and anyone else who deserves a lump of coal in their stocking.

Call Marine Agency for Insurance for Santa Claus

  • Theft, property damage and bodily injury coverage available
  • Seasonal, one-time or year-round coverage for entertainers
  • Coverage for up to two of Santa’s helpers
  • Rapid Certificate of Coverage for Additional Insured requirements

It’s never too late in the holiday season for Santa Claus to sign up for insurance coverage.  Get your quote today online at opens in a new window.

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