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Expecting the Unexpected Final (1)

You finally manage to escape the office early one afternoon and are enjoying some much-needed peace and quiet in the backyard. Suddenly, you hear a loud ‘crack’ before watching in horror as a tree limb comes crashing down on your roof. You rush inside where you find green leaves sticking out where your ceiling fan was just moments ago.

You make a quick decision to stop at the grocery store on your way home from work. While you focus on unloading groceries into your trunk, a loud noise startles you. Slowly you peek around the corner of your trunk and watch in disbelief as an elderly woman tries in vain to remove her shopping cart from the corner of your front bumper.

It’s finally the weekend, and you are enjoying casual time with your neighbors at the annual block party. Your kids, and most of the neighborhood kids, are bouncing themselves silly on the trampoline in your backyard. Out of the corner of your eye you see the dog tear across your yard and make an impressive leap towards the trampoline. You wonder what she has her eyes on only to watch as she grabs a loose string in her mouth. Before you can yell ‘stop’ the dog pulls at the string, unraveling the trampoline in the process and sending all the kids crashing to the ground. The next thing you see is the pile of neighborhood medical bills taking residence in your mailbox.

Each of these scenarios seems like something straight out of a horror movie. However, these are more like scenes from a new chapter in your life. Chances are your homeowners insurance and auto insurance policies will not be enough to cover the damages you are facing. You are in desperate need of a personal umbrella insurance policy.

You need this extra insurance policy sooner rather than later, as it’s imperative that you have the right coverage in place to protect you from the next unexpected curve ball life throws in your direction.

What is Personal Umbrella Coverage?

Start by thinking of an umbrella’s primary function. The umbrella’s purpose is to protect you from the falling rain. When you think about it, this coverage does not provide you with 100 percent protection since things like your shoes and bag can still get wet.

Now, think of your homeowner’s and auto insurance policies. These policies take care of what is underneath that umbrella. However, there are still parts of you getting wet. A personal umbrella coverage opens in a new windowpolicy steps in to protect your shoes and your bag.

How It Works

A personal umbrella insurance policy starts where traditional policies leave off. When the unexpected happens, your liability deductions for those traditional policies must be paid first. In theory, those deductible payments would be enough money out of your pocket to protect against any expenses you may incur.

It never quite works this way. After everything’s said and done, you are still standing on the verge of financial ruin. By having a personal umbrella insurance policy in place, you can prevent this from happening. This extra policy serves as your best line of defense when the unthinkable happens.

What It Covers

Your traditional policies outline what coverage they provide, right down to the last piece of tile you placed during that summer home remodeling project from last year. A personal umbrella insurance policy does the same.

Your personal umbrella insurance policy goes where other insurance policies are afraid to go. Your policy opens in a new window will defend you in a court of law. You will receive compensation for legal fees you may incur from a lawsuit, a false arrest occurrence, slander accusations or any other situation that makes you see the inside of a courtroom.

Additional coverage provides a barrier between the world and your wallet in the event you need more bodily injury protection than your auto insurance policy provides. You will have sufficient property damage coverage for when your new kitten somehow manages to escape from your house, break into the neighbor’s house and claw their family heirloom curtains to shreds.

Who Can Help

A personal umbrella insurance policy provides protection for just about anything that life can throw your way. This includes the strange and incredibly crazy insurance claims that you may file throughout the years of your coverage period. Take the time to find a reputable agent who won’t bat an eye when you call to file a claim when your teenage son jumps the fence on his bike, landing in the neighbor’s pool and taking her patio screen with him in the process. The right agent for you will be the one who understands that this is the same neighbor who had her curtains assaulted by your kitten last week.

Call Marine Agency Insurance opens in a new window today to speak with a friendly, knowledgeable staff member and gain peace of mind that you’ll be ready when disaster strikes.

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