Comprehensive Group Policy from Marine

At Marine Agency, we understand that navigating the complexities of insurance policies, especially group policies for businesses, can be difficult. Between figuring out who has access, getting quotes, and understanding what a plan would cover in the event of an emergency, it all adds up. That’s why Marine Agency is dedicated to simplifying this process as much as possible! Enjoy all of the benefits of having a comprehensive group policy with the help of our experts.

Comprehensive Group Benefits

Group Benefits: Breaking Things Down

At Marine Agency, our professionals pride ourselves on our ability to offer a wide range of different options for any type of business – all in the name of making sure that employees are taken care of in their time of need. These include but are certainly not limited to ones like:

  • Benefits Consulting: Our expert insurance agents will work with you to simplify the complexities of employee benefits. We’ll focus on the full spectrum of consulting services without negatively impacting the growth and success of your business!
  • Large Employee Solutions: It’s safe to say that when it comes to a large business, consultants need to constantly “think outside of the box.” That’s exactly what we aim to do! We offer you an innovative and cost-efficient group benefits plan that continues to grow and evolve with your organization.
  • Small Business Employee Benefits: We understand first-hand how shopping for group health insurance can feel like an uphill battle on the best of days. We want to assist you in navigating the complexities of this process, making sure that you’re aware of all new compliance regulations and guidelines while still managing to give your employees a benefits package they can depend on.
  • Ancillary Benefit Programs: One of the most important things to understand about ancillary benefit programs is that, when they’re put together properly, they can fill gaps in coverage in a way that allows your employees to prepare for the unexpected. This includes things like critical illness insurance, hospital indemnity insurance, and more. 

In the end, the team at Marine Agency understands that the most important resource for your business is your workforce. We want to help you protect your staff as efficiently and cost-effectively as possible. Having a comprehensive, high-quality group policy is a great way to not only attract employees but retain top talent to build a significant competitive advantage in your marketplace.

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Key Takeaways:

  • Marine Agency offers benefits consulting to help simplify the admittedly complicated process of providing employees with a benefits package that will serve them in their time of need.
  • We offer supportive solutions for a wide range of different types of businesses, including; large employee solutions and small business employee benefits.
  • Ancillary benefit programs are also available to allow employees to fill in those gaps that exist in traditional coverage.

Learn More About Group Benefits

Group benefits are now available to companies in New Jersey and Pennsylvania! To be eligible, you need to have at least one full-time employee that isn’t an owner or directly related to you. Ready to find out more information about the group benefits for employees we provide, or have any questions about the various services and plans available, contact Marine Agency today! Just give us a call at 800-763-4775.

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