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Your neighbor comes over without warning, slipping on a frisbee your kid left on the driveway last night. Curiosity gets the best of your cat, and she scales the curtains in the living room, sending the curtain rod flying through the plate glass window as a result.

The bathroom faucet breaks, creating a type of Niagara Falls in the dining room downstairs. If emergency personnel were inside your home, they would declare your house a disaster zone. At moments like this, you could not be more grateful for your homeowners insurance superhero.

Why Have Homeowners Insurance?

You can’t plan for disasters ahead of time. There is no indication that the dog is going to get loose and trample the neighbor’s garden. You can’t predict your teenage daughter focusing on Snapchat and not noticing the bathtub overflowing into the hallway. Accidents happen when they feel like making an appearance. You need homeowners insurance as a means of protection when the unthinkable happens.

Your homeowners insurance policy works to protect you, your family and even the family pet against damage that occurs on your property or the property of others. When you face legal action from damage to someone else’s property, your insurance covers your legal responsibility.

Damage as a result of a natural disaster receives coverage, except for flooding and earthquakes. You will receive reimbursement to replace items lost in the home as a result of a natural disaster as well.

When to Purchase Homeowners Insurance

Homeowners insurance purchasing occurs once you enter into a contract to purchase a home. Most mortgage lenders require you to have the coverage in place before agreeing to finalize your home loan. By having the insurance protection in place before closing on the home, your mortgage lender receives protection on the investment they are about to make should any damage take place.

You may purchase a basic coverage homeowners insurance policy to satisfy your lender, and then upgrade the policy to provide more detailed coverage once you are living in the home.

If you are in a financial position to purchase a home without requiring the services of a mortgage lender, you should still buy homeowners insurance. The purchase of insurance should take place at the time you enter into a purchase contract. That way, you receive protection for your personal investment in the event damage occurs before you gain occupancy to the home.

What Happens Without Homeowners Insurance?

The list of things that could happen in the absence of homeowners insurance is short and not so sweet. When the unthinkable happens, you will experience financial destruction in addition to the mounting legal fees and repair costs to fix whatever disaster has taken place.

When someone slips and falls in your driveway, you will be 100 percent responsible for all medical expenses and legal fees should the individual decide to sue you for damages. It will only be you in front of the judge. The pit of despair will stir in your stomach as you ponder why you didn’t just purchase homeowners insurance.

Unless you’re independently wealthy, you will need a mortgage lender to purchase your home. You will be unable to secure a mortgage without having homeowners insurance in place first. Lenders want their investment to have protection at all times. You can’t receive the rewards of an investment without paying for homeowners insurance.

Flooding Not Covered

Flood damage opens in a new window does not exist in a homeowners insurance policy. It is the one item that insurance companies shy away from because of the significant damage that flood waters cause. Flood insurance is a requirement if you live in an area prone to flooding taking place. Otherwise, it is an option, but one that you should strongly consider. You could face financial ruin by opting out of paying a little more each month for flood coverage as a separate policy.

It doesn’t take much for flooding to occur. A strong summer rainstorm produces water that has no other place to go but up. A tornado sweeps through your town causing rivers to overflow.  In the blink of an eye, flood waters are rushing through your home and destroying everything you worked hard to have in the process. The damage flood waters cause quickly adds up and can lead to financial destruction if you have no insurance protection in place.

Marine Agency Can Protect You

Think of Marine Agency as your personal superhero that you can call when disaster strikes. We can create homeowners insurance policies that cover every item of value inside your home while working to protect against damage that occurs outside your home. Our policies can provide as much detailed coverage as you need to ensure that your home is properly covered and makes you feel safe.

Call us or check out our contact page opens in a new window today to speak with a friendly and knowledgeable (real, not automated) staff member who will explain the many ways Marine Agency will ensure that you’re insured and prepared for the unexpected!

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