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How to find the right professional for your child’s first tattoo

The decision to get a tattoo is one that should never be taken lightly, especially when it comes to your child. Do you know how to find a good tattoo artist? While teen tattoos opens in a new window were once seen as taboo, more and more parents are working with their children to find a tattoo solution that will let them express themselves without the risk of major regret later on in life. If your child is considering getting a tattoo, it’s best that you work together to find an artist that will respect their decision and provide them with the best experience possible.

How to Find the Right Tattoo Artist for Your Teen’s Tattoo

As the popularity of tattooing and other forms of body art continue to grow across the US, many states have set in place their own regulations regarding body art and minors. Before beginning your search for the right tattoo artist to complete your child’s tattoo, be sure to research minor consent forms and other requirements in your state. This will help with finding the right tattoo artist for your teen.

1. Get a Referral

Know any friends or family members that have a great tattoo? Don’t be afraid to ask them for a recommendation. The work of a good artist will stand up over time, so if you see artwork on someone you know that looks great after many years, it only makes sense to ask about their experience. Chances are, if your loved one had a great experience with an artist, you might too. Just be aware that some artist may be cautious about working with teens, so even if you are interested in an artist they may not be interested in working with your child.

How to Find the Right Professional for your Child's First Tattoo

2. Visit the Shop

Before you commit to getting your child a tattoo, you both need to feel comfortable with the artist and their shop. Schedule an initial consultation to get a good look at their shop or studio and see firsthand how the experience will be. Is the shop clean? Do they have the relevant health certificates and tattoo insurance coverage necessary to operate a safe business?

Additionally, don’t be afraid to ask the artist questions including:

  • How long have they been working as a tattoo artist?
  • Have they ever worked with teen clients before?
  • What type of insurance coverage do they have?
  • Can you look at their portfolio?
  • What is their policy on touch ups or corrections?

3. Look at Their Portfolio

While many tattoos look great immediately after the artist is finished working on their clients, time will tell how well the artist works. Look at different portfolios that show healed tattoos to find an artist that has a style and skill level that meets your teen’s needs. Getting a tattoo is not like any other type of purchase. If your child is unhappy with their results, they can’t make a return. In fact, they only way to get rid of a tattoo is to invest in painful and often expensive opens in a new window laser tattoo removal. So be sure you’re happy with their work before letting your minor go under the needle.

How to Find the Right Professional for your Child’s First Tattoo

Think Before You Let Your Minor Get Inked

Make sure your child is happy with their tattooing experience by following these few key rules for finding the best tattoo artist:

  • Do your research before committing to an artist. Ask friends and family for referrals and make sure the artist is comfortable working with teens.
  • Visit the shop or studio to make sure your child will be safe and comfortable. Ask about the artist’s certifications and level of tattoo insurance coverage, in the event there is some sort of accident.
  • Make sure your artist has plenty of experience and has a track record of providing clients with great results by looking over their portfolio.

Want more information on working with artists that have the right level of tattoo and body piercing insurance coverage? Check out our blog for more informations and before choosing your child’s tattoo artist. Contact us for if you need more information on insuring your tattoo shop.

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