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We all have wonderful intentions to stay fit when January first comes around. It’s probably due to all the fattening and sugary foods we eat all through December. Many people stick to their new workout regimen for a good three or four weeks, but when February comes around, those good intentions seem to wane. This trend is bad for both gym owners and resolution makers. Following are some actions gym owners can take to make sure their memberships do not dwindle once January is gone as well as some tips to help resolution makers make sure that the goals that were set in January continue through the entire year.

Tips for Gyms

After the first several weeks of the new year have passed, it is time for gyms to get creative to retain membership. Implementing a few of these ideas can keep people coming in the door throughout the year, and can even attract new members as the year progresses.

  • Offering after-holiday sales or other incentives opens in a new windowwill keep your members coming in the door. Some common incentives include discounted memberships, free trials, free training sessions, and coupons. Giving members a free or discounted sample of what the gym has to offer is a great way to allow them to sample the choices so they can make an informed decision. It can also spur members to invite their friends to try the gym out as well.
  • Instituting a rewards program is another great way to keep members coming in the door long after January has ended. It is human nature to like being rewarded for putting forth effort. Attaching rewards to attendance will keep members coming back so they can achieve the built-in goal you have given them.
  • Adding new equipment or classes is a great way to keep members interested in coming back. This idea works for retaining long-standing members as well. When you are continually updating the offerings your gym has, it provides an incentive for people to come back to check out whatever is new.
  • Encourage interaction between the staff opens in a new window and members to let new members know that the staff is approachable and helpful. Many times new members might be new to working out altogether and are easily intimidated by machines with which they are unfamiliar. New members are more likely to stick with a gym if they know that the staff is capable of assisting member and willing to do so.

Tips for Resolution Makers

The gym staff cannot do all the work on their end. New members need to put in effort as well. Making resolutions is wonderful, but they are useless if they are not kept. It is difficult, but not impossible, to turn a resolution into a good habit. Following these tips will help get you going in the right direction.

  • Writing down your resolution to work out and measuring it regularly will help to keep you on track. Your goal should be specific and measurable. Avoid being vague, and try to write down a game plan on how to accomplish the goals.
  • Resolutions are easier to stick to when they are manageable. Setting goals that are unrealistic is a top reason for shelving an entire resolution. Good habits are built slowly and over time. One way to keep goals manageable is to break them up into small parts. Resolving to do 10,000 sit-ups in a year might seem intimidating. However, resolving to do 28 a day is something that can easily be accomplished.
  • Be sure to reward yourself when you reach some of your smaller milestones. Choose good rewards that you will enjoy but won’t undo all of the hard work you’ve put in at the gym. Treat yourself to a weekend getaway, buy a new workout outfit, or spoil yourself with an indulgent massage.
  • Understanding your motives for going to the gym is also helpful. Working out has many noticeable benefits such as having an improved physique. However, there are other benefits that aren’t outwardly noticeable, such as lowering cholesterol, increasing energy, and improving mood. Any reason is a good reason to hit the gym on a regular basis, but keeping your primary motive in mind will help keep you motivated to get there.
  • While you’re at the gym, ask questions of the staff. The trainers and class instructors are there to be your guides in proper physical fitness. If you are unsure about a piece of equipment or have questions about exercises in group classes, don’t allow those hurdles to be your undoing. Instead of leaving the gym and not returning, ask for assistance and then become a master of the task.

Maintaining the altruistic resolution of getting fit in the new year requires a combined effort by the gym and the resolution maker. But, with sincere effort, it can be done. Gyms should make efforts to foster positive relationships with their members and provide incentives for return visits and people who are truly resolute about their efforts to get fit, need to show up, set goals, and put in the effort and hard work. When gyms and members work together, the results are beautiful.

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