How to Know if Your Barbers Insurance Makes the Cut

Owning a barber shop involves much more than simply helping your clients to look their best. And while that may be the foundation of your small business, you’ve got plenty of work to tackle behind the scenes including managing finances, training employees, staffing the shop and providing the highest-quality customer services possible. When you consider all of the different aspects of running a successful business that you are responsible for, relying on a comprehensive barbers insurance policy is one of the best ways to protect against potential risks. With the help of barber liability insurance coverage, you can spend your valuable time working on building a better and more profitable business.

The Right Barber’s Liability Insurance

To better understand the type of coverage you need, it’s a good idea to have a clear picture of the potential risks that you may experience on any given day. Most often, it’s important to consider investing in a business insurance policy that covers property, operations and liability risks.

Some of the most common property risks to be aware of include:

  • Property damage by an employee or a third party
  • Loss of cash due to theft or robbery
  • Fire or other natural disasters, leading to business interruption
  • Employee dishonesty (cash handling, deposits, theft, etc.)
  • Damage to rental property (if you rent or lease your building)

All of these common scenarios can easily be taken care of with the right level of insurance coverage. Whether your business is the victim of vandalism, you are forced to close your doors to repair damages following a fire or a client accidentally crashes into your signage in the parking lot –a small business owners insurance policy can help keep your barber shop business running smoothly and help you to avoid paying out of pocket for damages.

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Liability Insurance

While there are many different risks that can affect your bottom line, the most common issue that barbershop business owners need to be aware of is liability lawsuits. Even the most experienced and talented barbers may at some point have to deal with an unhappy customer who may take legal action against them. Whether a customer becomes injured during a close shave, they get an infection after visiting your shop or their personal property is damaged –barber liability insurance is the most effective way to avoid paying for damages or legal fees out of your own pocket.

Often referred to as general liability coverage, this type of insurance is designed to help protect your barber shop from injury or property damage lawsuits. For example, if a client slips and falls on their way out the door due to spilled water on the floor, they may be able to sue you for damages. With liability coverage, you can cover the cost of your legal fees and avoid shutting down the business to pay for any damages they may be awarded. Additionally, liability coverage also protects against certain claims that may involve slander or libel, damage to a customer’s personal property and more.

How to Know if Your Barbers Insurance Makes the Cut

Keep Your Shop Running Smoothly with Comprehensive Barbers Insurance

Now is the perfect time to review your current barber’s insurance policy. When looking at your coverage options, consider the following facts:

  • Liability coverage protects your business and employees in the event that a client is injured while at your shop.
  • Without proper insurance protection, you could be forced to pay for damages, repairs and legal fees on your own.
  • If you are forced to pay for damages and legal fees on your own, your business may have to shut down.

Want more information on the benefits of investing in complete insurance protection with Marine Agency Insurance? Visit our team online today to learn more about barbers insurance coverage and get a barber’s liability quote.


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