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How to Make Summer’s Hair-Free Craze Carry into the Fall

Whether your client wants to be hair-free on the beach or they love the idea of avoiding razors all summer long, this is definitely the season when many medical spas see a jump in laser hair removal opens in a new window appointments. Safe, easy and efficient —laser hair removal is a great way to provide a more permanent solution for getting rid of unwanted hair on the body.

Although medispa technicians understand that it takes multiple treatments to eradicate unwanted hair from the face, legs, arms torso and private areas, many customers may think that a few summer sessions are all they need. But when is the best time to start laser hair removal and how can you help carry this craze over into the fall and winter months?

How to Make Summer's Hair-Free Craze Carry into the Fall

Top Tips for Carrying Over Summer’s Hair-Free Craze into the Fall and Beyond


It’s not uncommon to see an influx of new laser hair removal clients hanging out in your waiting room during the summer months. But the best time to start laser hair removal is actually during the fall and winter months! As our lives become busier and busier each year, more people have less time to worry about their daily beauty routine. Help educate your clients and let them know that laser hair removal actually requires multiple treatments that must be staggered 6 to 10 weeks apart to see the best results. Once summer is in full swing, there really isn’t enough time to complete treatment before it’s time to cover up those legs and bikini areas again for the long winter.

Goodbye Tan

Hair and skin color are also important in the hair removal process. This means that the more contrast there is between skin and hair color, the more effective the process will be. Clients with a deep tan should be discouraged opens in a new window from trying out the treatment during the summer. If you do work on clients who insist on maintaining their tan during the summer, you’ll have to turn down the power of the laser, resulting in more treatment sessions. The treatment process can also make the skin more sensitive to sun exposure. However, undergoing treatment in the fall and winter, when summer tans have faded away, will often produce better results.


Help keep your clients confident in your services and their safety when undergoing treatments, no matter the season with comprehensive medispa insurance coverage. Even the most cautious and prepared client/technician team can run into accidents during the treatment process. While you may advise to limit sun exposure and follow proper after care steps, the relaxed setting of your medispa can lead clients to forget the risks involved with the treatment process. SO give yourself and your clients peace of mind by reviewing your insurance policy often and make sure you have the right level of protection to keep everyone happy.

Keep Your Clients Hair-Free All Year Long

Anyone who wants to ditch their razors forever should consider investing in laser hair removal. But convincing clients to continue with treatment into the fall and winter can be difficult if they are unaware of the advantages. Keep these important tips in mind to make sure your laser hair removal business continues to thrive once the summer sun fades.

  • Make clients aware that laser hair removal usually requires multiple treatment sessions that should be spaced anywhere from 6 to 10 weeks apart.
  • Tan skin can extend the treatment process, so beginning treatment in the fall and winter can actually yield much better results.
  • Accidents and unhappy clients are part of the job. Protect your business and keep your clients safe with a comprehensive medispa insurance policy.

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