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The holidays are coming up and what could be more thrilling than spending time with friends and family? There will be planning and traveling and much excitement. It truly is the most wonderful time of the year.

But, what happens when you go away and leave your house empty and dark? You will want to avoid an instance like Home Alone and make sure that your home is protected from any possible threats. When you go on vacation this holiday season opens in a new window, keep your home safe with these simple tips.

Ask a Neighbor

If you are going away this year, make sure that an extra set of eyes will be watching your house even if you are not around. This is the perfect time to cash in that favor your neighbor owes you by asking them to keep an eye on your house. If they will be home, they can check in from time to time to make sure everything is in its right place and that no unwanted visitors are trespassing.

You can also ask your neighbor to collect your mail for you along with any other deliveries you may receive while away, including the daily newspaper. When a potential threat to your home notices your mail is piling up, they will know that no one is around. By having your neighbor get your mail, it creates the illusion that someone is still in the house, and anyone with cruel intentions may be more likely to rethink them.

In the same vein, you could always call your local post office and request that they hold your mail until you get back from your vacation.

Phone a Friend

Much like asking your neighbor to look out for your home, you can also ask an available friend to house-sit for you. This way, your home will have regular activity, just as if you were home. As long as you give your friend a key to your home and you keep the fridge stocked with food, it is a pretty easy task.

Additionally, if you have any plants that need watering or pets that need a sitter opens in a new window, having someone in the house could be beneficial in more ways than one. It will be like no one ever left and you can enjoy your vacation with peace of mind.

Add Some Lights

The first clue that someone is home or not is the presence or absence of light. It can be assumed that when the lights are not turned on, people are sleeping or away. That is when it becomes more likely for danger to lurk. Turning your lights on can help eliminate that factor. It may seem like an uneconomical plan, but there are ways to make this work without burning much electricity.

Lamp post lights come on automatically at night and you can install them for added protection. You can also attach motion sensing lights to the exterior of your property to alarm anyone who may be trespassing. There are lights that operate on a timer that you can use inside your home to create the appearance that everything is business as usual.

Surveillance Cameras

Installing a surveillance camera opens in a new window is one of the best things you can do for your property. It is a precautionary measure you can take to ensure the safety of your home. Not only can a surveillance camera catch anyone in the act of their crime, but if placed conspicuously, it can also warn any perpetrator that someone will be watching.

When placing a surveillance camera in your home, you may want to place it somewhere it can be easily seen. Installing the camera in an apparent position may encourage the potential threat to back off rather than trying to catch them after their crime.

Keep it Hush

When you are going away for the holidays, it is easy to get excited and spill the beans about the details. However, it is important that you be careful who hears about your trip. An intruder might catch the timeline of your getaway and plan accordingly.

Make sure to tell only people you trust or people who need to know, such as your post office or neighbor. Be sure to keep your voice down if you are in an area where strangers can hear your conversations.

The holidays are a time for laughing and celebration. They are a time for good company and food, so avoid making the holidays a time of worry and headaches. Follow these tips to get the most out of your vacation.

Should something go wrong while you are away, be sure to have reliable insurance protection opens in a new window for your New Jersey home. For more information or to get a quote from our friendly and knowledgeable staff, contact Marine Agency opens in a new window today!

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