Medispa insurance, laser hair removal insurance coverage, re-opening during covid-19, business interruption, coronavirus

It’s no secret, the Coronavirus pandemic has transformed the way we do business. These new restrictions have made a major impact on companies of all kinds by causing a business interruption, which has especially affected those involved in industries such as self-care and beauty. This is because these industries often require their employees to touch and be near their customers at all times. If you own a Laser or MediSpa business, the following is a list of tips to help you keep your customers safe while re-opening during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Medispa insurance, laser hair removal insurance coverage, re-opening during covid-19, business interruption, coronavirus

Learn and comply with regulations

One of the top things to do to ensure that your customers and employees remain safe during this pandemic is to learn the governmental regulations in your area concerning the COVID-19 pandemic. Once you have learned about them, you need to ensure that your company is in 100% compliance with all regulations. While this may vary slightly from state to state, there is some level of uniformity in most areas. Some of the most common regulations are as follows:

Wearing a mask and gloves

Depending on where you are located, wearing a mask may be required for most if not all indoor public spaces. However, no matter if your area mandates masks or not, you can choose to require them for customers and/or employees, if you believe this will make your company safer. Additionally, you may also need to require all of your employees to wear disposable gloves while working with clients.

Plexiglass barriers

Another common regulation is the use of plexiglass barriers to help reduce the flow and spread of germs. You will want to put these in spaces in which your employees are stationed to provide services, collect money, greet customers, etc. You will also want them to be placed in between stations to separate the customers from one another.

Sanitizing stations

Next, you may also want to create hand sanitizing stations to help kill germs that are present on your customers’ and employees’ hands. Many places install hand sanitizer dispensers in areas such as the entrance, next to counters, and any other place that you deem necessary.

Social distancing markers

You may also want to install social distancing markers to let your employees and clients know how far they should be standing from the counters and other customers.

Limit services

No matter how safe your facilities are, some services may be deemed too risky for the time being. For instance, many places have had to suspend massage services, close areas such as steam rooms, areas that include self-service of any kind, etc.

Cleaning and sanitation

Additionally, you will also likely have to clean and sanitize your facility more often than before the shutdown. In addition to cleaning every station thoroughly after each customer, using products that are specially made to kill germs, you may also need to clean your entire facility several times throughout the day.

Medispa insurance, laser hair removal insurance coverage, re-opening during covid-19, business interruption, coronavirus


  • The COVID-19 pandemic has caused a variety of new restrictions.
  • The most common restrictions are things such as periodic cleaning and sanitation, wearing masks and gloves, installing plexiglass barriers, and more.
  • Additionally, Laser and MediSpas may opt to limit or temporarily suspend access to various services and areas of your business.

Purchase Laser and MediSpa insurance from Marine Agency Insurance

In addition to adhering to the restrictions in your state, you should also ensure that you have sufficient coverage to protect your employees and customers. By purchasing things such as laser hair removal insurance coverage from our providers, we can help you ensure that your business has everything it needs to operate without putting your employees’ or customers’ health at significant risk. Contact us today to find out more about our various insurance coverage options at 800-763-4775. Alternatively, if you prefer to reach us by email, send a message to and a Marine Agency Insurance representative will be glad to assist you!

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