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No matter the kind of insurance you require, Marine Agency is the only place you need to look. Marine Agency offers many types of insurance coverage to help save you from unexpected expenses. It’s important to have the coverage you need. You never know what the future can hold, so you must be prepared. You don’t want to spend your life worrying. Make sure you have the coverage you need and you can spend your time enjoying life instead!

Marine Agency offers the following types of insurance and benefits:

1. Personal Insurance covers the following:

  • Automobile Insurance to make sure you protect yourself as you travel.
  • Homeowners Insurance to cover your home.
  • NJ Personal Umbrella Insurance is helpful if you own a home or a vehicle. It is designed as protection to cover expenses should your current insurance not provide the full amount of damages.
  • Boat and Yacht Insurance begins with coverage of liability for operating your boat because the last thing you want to do when out boating is worry about not having coverage. You want to be able to enjoy yourself. Insurance will give you this peace of mind and will pay the damage inflicted upon property or others. It also offers hull insurance, which includes trailers, equipment, accessories and motors. Losses often include fire or windstorm damage. If there are injuries involved, medical payments coverage will pay small medical bills for minor injuries. It’s also good to have uninsured boaters insurance to pay for damage caused by other uninsured boats.
  • NJ Motorcycle Insurance is also helpful if your bike is vandalized as it will offer replacement cost coverage.
  • NJ Antique and Classic Car Insurance. If you own any classic cars, it’s no secret that it is for the pure love of them. You want to protect them even better than your everyday car. The two issues that come up are physical damage to the car and limited road use. With an antique vehicle, there is a agreed amount valuation based on an appraisal. Since use is limited, insurance for these types of cars is much less expensive than regular car insurance.
  • Flood Insurance. With most homeowners and business insurance policies, flood damage is not included. Depending on the area you live in, it may be more or less beneficial to obtain this coverage based on the likelihood of flooding. Keep in mind that flooding can happen anywhere and you don’t want to be unprepared. Flood insurance is relatively inexpensive and can definitely be worth it for your own peace of mind.
  • NJ Car Insurance. In New Jersey, you must have liability, uninsured motorist and personal  injury coverage.
  • NJ Home Insurance
  • Wedding Insurance. A wedding is supposed to be the happiest day of your life, but as we all know things are rarely perfect. Even a minor thing, can end up being something major and ruin the day. Wouldn’t you feel more carefree if you knew that you were covered if your Aunt Betty throws out a hip on the dance floor? You can bust your own moves in confidence knowing that if anyone in the group needs help, you will be able to provide that for them.

2. Business Insurance covers the following:

  • Workers’ Compensation/Contractors/Construction/Employment Practices Liability Insurance. You are required to have workers’ compensation insurance for your employees in case someone gets hurts. Be a good boss and take care of your employees and they will work hard for you! If you work as a contractor make sure you have the insurance to cover your tools, materials and other assets to help you do your job well.
  • Dance Schools and Studio/Personal Trainer and Yoga Instructor/Martial Arts Insurance. Whatever fitness discipline you teach, you want to protect yourself from lawsuits should someone get hurt. Participating in any kind of fitness is always a risk and you want to make sure to take care of your students as well as protect your business. By being a good owner, you will no doubt receive many endorsements from students and your business will continue to grow.
  • Vendor Insurance to protect your business operations.
  • Camp Insurance is important to set up for outdoor and sporting events.
  • Performer Insurance to protect you from unforeseen events.

3. Specialty Insurance covers the following:

  • Day Spa and Salon/Laser and MediSpa/Tattoo and Body Piercing Insurance. These types of businesses present unique situations and liabilities. You can operate with confidence knowing that you have the proper coverage should something go wrong.

Direct your questions to our professional and reliable insurance reps who can review your specific needs. Marine Agency also makes it easy to file a claim. Our exemplary customer service speaks for itself and in terms of ratings we have received an A+. Exchange your current and unreliable insurance for the types listed above and you won’t regret it!

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