You Need to See This Recap of the Top 5 Tattoo and Piercing Trends This Year [Infographic]

Everyone wants to follow the trend, but fads can quickly fade. What’s hot right now? Ink and piercings. It’s a trend that keeps growing year over year with new styles and fashions. Does that make your clients want to get inked before the year ends? How about getting pierced? If they are going to do it, you might as well have them do it right. Make sure you have the skills and equipment to create an eye-catching, cool and timeless piece they’ll be proud to wear.

When trying to stand out while still being part of the crowd, these newest tattoo trends and new body piercing trends will definitely make them take a second look.

 You Need to See This Recap of the Top 5 Tattoo and Piercing Trends This Year [Infographic]

Here’s the rundown of the latest tattoo trends:

These are the coolest tattoo designs and body piercing trends that have folks lining up in droves to get. Multiple piercings at one time are cool but should be done in moderation. No more than three in one sitting. Elaborate tattoos usually require more than one sitting as well, especially if there are a bunch of colors, or the design is really big.

Having the right insurance coverage to avoid liability is key. It’s important to make sure operational equipment is covered, but the clients you serve are covered as well. End the year on a high as the rush to get inked or pierced before the new year starts revving up. For more information, contact the team at Marine Agency Corp today.




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