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It’s a beautiful, sunny day, and you are driving down the road with windows open and your favorite song playing on the radio. Out of nowhere comes a van and before you can react, it slams into your passenger-side door, sending you flying across three lanes of traffic. Thankfully, you receive no injuries. However, your car was not so lucky. As the police arrive and begin processing information, you learn the first reason why you always need car insurance.

Why You Need Automobile Insurance

The driver of the van has no automobile insurance. You are smart enough to carry car insurance, so the only financial responsibility you have is paying the policy deductible. The car insurance company will take care of the rest on your behalf. Depending on the limits your policy’s features, you may have the current car loan paid for and receive funds to purchase another vehicle at the same or lesser value as the car that was in the accident.

According to your policy, the insurance company will make payments for property damage to your vehicle and provide medical coverage for the expenses of treating injuries, lost wages due to injuries and any other relevant financial issues that arise as a result of the accident. Failure to have car insurance places the financial responsibility on your shoulders which could lead to financial ruin or require you to declare bankruptcy when the accident expenses reach a level that you cannot comfortably afford without enduring a financial hardship.

When You Should Buy Automobile Insurance

You must purchase automobile insurance before buying a car from a dealership. When you purchase a car for the first time, you will need to obtain a new insurance policy before the sale becomes final. When you already have a car insurance policy that is active, you may purchase a car on the contingency that you will add the new car to your current policy within a specified time frame. Some dealerships may require you to add the new car to your policy before allowing you to leave the sales lot with the car.

Modern technology makes this requirement more convenient as many car insurance companies are accessible through a simple internet search. It also provides you with the opportunity to receive a quote from your car insurance company. That quote allows you to see if the monthly insurance premium falls within your budget.

Things That Could Happen Without Automobile Insurance

Driving around without car insurance is not a smart choice. You could lose your driver’s license, endure a financial hardship or face legal consequences. Not having insurance can also make purchasing car insurance in the future more difficult should you ever be pulled over and given a traffic citation for not having insurance before you decide to buy. Future insurance companies that run background checks on you before issuing you a policy will see this information and can deny you coverage as a result.

Many states require all drivers to have car insurance before getting behind the wheel of a motor vehicle. Failure to do so may result in the state department of motor vehicles suspending your license until you can show proof of coverage. The financial lending institution that holds the title to your car also requires proof of car insurance. An absence of insurance places you in violation of your lease agreement. At that point, the finance company can require you to purchase their coverage for a much higher price than you would pay for a policy of your choosing.

Marine Agency is Your Car Insurance Destination

Marine Agency works hard to provide you with affordable options for automobile insurance coverage. You must maintain three different types of insurance protection to operate a vehicle legally. These three coverage requirements are as follows:

  • Liability insurance, which protects against damage to another vehicle or bodily injury to a person.
  • Personal injury insurance, which provides coverage for medical bills.
  • Uninsured motorist insurance, which protects you in the event the other driver involved in an accident does not have insurance.

Insurance agents at Marine Agency take the time to listen to your needs and find policy options that fit those needs. When you combine that coverage with additional insurance protection from their agency, you will receive a combination discount that saves you money.

The Road is an Untrustworthy Place

The harsh reality is that there are an increasing number of drivers who do not carry car insurance. It is either because it puts a financial burden on them or they feel it is an unnecessary expense. The worst thing you can do is assume that everyone on the road maintains the same level of responsibility that you do. Having car insurance gives you an extra layer of protection when the unthinkable happens.

Call us or check out our contact page today to speak with a friendly and knowledgeable (real and not automated) staff member who will explain the many ways that Maine Agency will ensure that you’re insured and prepared for the unexpected!

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