Your Pennsylvania home is a large investment. It is also one of your most valuable possessions. Protect it with adequate home insurance.

The right policy covers repairs that are needed after your home is damaged, and it replaces possessions if they’re damaged, lost or stolen. Plus, an adequate insurance policy satisfies requirements from your mortgage lender.

Marine Agency understands the home insurance market, and we offer a variety of insurance policies as we ensure you receive the coverage that’s best for your needs.

About Home Insurance

Homeowners does not cover flood
A home insurance policy covers your home’s structure, all permanent structures on your property and the belongings you own or store on your property. If weather, fire, theft or vandalism causes damage, your insurance policy can cover repairs or replacement.

While most home insurance policies don’t cover flood damage, you can purchase a separate policy that covers flood damage.

Pennsylvania home insurance also protects you from liability if someone is injured while they’re visiting you, delivering a package, walking on your sidewalk or otherwise on your property.

Related Policies

You don’t have to own a home to need home insurance. Many condo associations provide insurance on your unit’s external structure, but you need a separate policy for your condo’s contents. You’ll also want to invest in renter’s insurance that covers the contents you own and store in your rented house or apartment.

Home Insurance from Marine Agency

Whether you own or rent your Pennsylvania home, Marine Agency meets all your insurance needs. We represent several companies that provide a variety of home insurance options for the Pennsylvania home, apartment, condo or co-op you own or rent.

Select a policy that corresponds to your home’s value and fits your budget. Consider purchasing an auto insurance policy, too, and receive a multiple policy discount.

With the right home insurance policy, you receive the protection and peace of mind you deserve. Contact Marine Agency today to discover more about our Pennsylvania home insurance policies and for a free personalized quote.

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